90Rackss Is New Jersey’s Newest Rising Rhymer

New heat is coming out of the trenches of New Jersey thanks to rising rhymer 90Rackss! This time, the emerging emcee continues to put on for Jersey with the release of his most recent record, “Allegations”. In addition to accompanying the sizzling single with a visual, 90Rackss is coming in HOT! In fact, his hot new hit comes on the heels of his breakout banger, “Why Would I Lie”. 

On his latest offering, 90 attacks another eerie beat with vigor. Blending his unique vocal snarl with his superb ability to capture drill beats. With the arrival of “Allegations”, he makes his point clear — that there is only room for loyalty in his circle! Transmitting that transparency on the track, he effectively expresses that message. 

The Rari Digital-shot visual, features the Jersey native surrounded by his team as they trap and turn up to the new music. Bringing the lyricism to life, the audio and video are served up straightforward, but delivered with style.

90Racks Is A Tri-State Treasure

Recognized as one of the Tri-State treasures, 90Rackss keeps the momentum when it comes to music. 90 is the hood-heavyweighted fan favorite who presents an intriguing case to the world — a straightforward street poet with a unique sense of humor and gritty wordplay. Recently, within the last year, Rackss has racked up hundreds of millions of views and streams. In doing so, he persistently positions himself on the radars of not only labels but also fans worldwide! 

Rackss’ music is curated from raw, authentic experiences only individuals who originate from the ghettos of the Earth live through. As having grown up in East Orange and now residing in Newark, 90 has a firsthand understanding of how the hoods hurt and heal. Yet, he portrays it in a way in which many individuals identify with. Additionally, another important figure in 90’s life is his mother, with whom he exchanges pleasantries.

She was independent and was somebody that was always on her grind. She was a hustler. She taught me the value of a dollar.” – 90Rackss. 

Before it’s too late, don’t miss out on the music industry’s next up! 90Rackss is a genuine trap soul and an amazing artist, but with his hustler’s attitude, he has the ability to be a future millionaire sooner than later. For now, stay tuned here at KAZI Magazine for all things 90Rackss! 


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