8bitAlex Drops New Single “To The Moon”

The phrase “to the moon” has been a popular saying in the last couple of years due to the cryptocurrency and NFT hype.  8bitAlex decided to use this phrase and capitalize on its momentum on his latest single, “To The Moon”. 8bitAlex is now transitioning to music full-time after coming from a background in crypto and tech which prompted his artist name.Besides having a great search result ranking on Spotify, the song also began to take off thanks to the music itself and its uniqueness. At the beginning of the track, 8bitAlex begins with a spacy synth that makes you feel like you are in space. The young producer and DJ had this to say about his music, “I feel the tech world is closely related to outer space so I try to make all of my songs sound out of this world”. This unique style has so far gained 8bitAlex thousands of monthly listeners and that will only continue to rise as time passes by.To check out a unique style of futuristic music, listen to “To The Moon” below:
https://open.spotify.com/track/2X1sW9Bq5zfZQT7xk3TnSO?si=abb59040e47348088bitAlex on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/8bitalex/

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