504Yung Unleashes New EP, ‘Ups & Downs’

Making noise straight out of New Orleans is rising rhymer, 504Yung. In fact, he kicks off the new year with his exciting EP, Ups & Downs and have the fans in a frenzy! Keeping listeners in a chokehold, the 5-track project features trendy tracks: “My Past,” “Direction ft. Icewear Vezzo,” “Bank Roll,” “Gettin Jiggy,” and “Win“. These sizzling singles demonstrate his flexibility and ability to write lyrically provocative songs over catchy sounds.

Speaking on the influence behind his latest offering, the NOLA-native states that his personal experiences served as the inspiration for this effort. he goes on to say:

“I based it off my life because with any trials and tribulations you are going to have ups and downs”.

As a result, 504Yung’s enthusiasm for music was ultimately motivated by struggles. He can express both the good and the unpleasant aspects of his life experiences through the art of making music. Due to the relatability of his body of work, Ups & Downs, 504Yung thinks that his fans would be able to identify with him. Listeners can anticipate hearing a blend of a traditional New Orleans sounds combined with contemporary music. Thanks to performers like Hot Boyz, Nelly, and Lil Wayne.

“I want them to know it’s a good body of work that I put together…The people that support my music will be able to relate [to it]”. 

If you aren’t familiar with this trailblazing talent just yet, 504 Yung has a raved record that he wants new listeners to gravitate towards. This hot hit will allow listeners to better understand his artistry as well as him as an artist.

Overall, 504Yung wants his listeners to understand one things. Which is that “there is nothing wrong with starting from the bottom and working your way up to the top”. After listening to Ups and Downs I’m sure you’ll appreciate it more.

As for what’s next for 504Yung, he plans for the future and his professional objectives. He anticipates being able to advance in his music career and make new connections. Additionally, he has his own apparel brand, Rich Off Profit, which he plans to expand into more retailers. Furhtermore, he’s gearing up for the drop off of a new project dubbed Rich Off Profit 2. The forthcoming project is set to be released later this year. For now, press play on his most recent release, Ups & Downs here at KAZI Magazine! Lastly, let us know what you think!


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