5 Tips For Success on Social Media with Brandon Mimms

There are many ways that you can better your experience on social media. Success isn’t granted, its earned. No goal is unachievable and with time and diligence, anything is possible. Heres 5 tips that can help grow your social media with very minimal effort. Brandon Mimms, a well-known entrepreneur, shows us how to make gains naturally without tainting your follower account or impression rate. We sat down with Brandon Mimms to gather incite from his fortunate algorithm, and this is what has said.  

Tip 1; “During the building process aim to make the account very active, this allows you to use the account to make money from advertisements, shout outs, etc” (Mimms) One commonly asked question circulates the social media scene, “how do I make my account active”? The key is consistency, to post daily and take advantage of the viral content that floods the platform. Also, there’s a desperate need for proper engagement between you and your followers.

Tip 2; “Turn the account into a business page. This allows you to view insights and really analyze your account” (Mimms). Turning a niche, personal, or meme page into a business account is very beneficial. The page is more aesthetically pleasing and you can stay up to date with your impression rate fluctuation growth per week.

Tip 3; “Choose a niche you enjoy. This makes getting content fun for you and posting daily easier. Originality is also key! Think of something that you have never seen before or you wish another page would do. Be different” (Mimms). Choosing a niche that you enjoy is very important to grow your page. If the sole purpose of selecting a niche is due to the perks of its popularity, the account will never grow, unless you truly admire it. If the niche isn’t your top pick, the pages life expectancy will be numbered.

Tip 4; “Know your niche. Some niches people enjoy 10 posts a day and other niches people enjoy only one post a day. See what other accounts are doing in your niche. Do your research” (Mimms). There are various ways to excite your audience, but it’s up to you to decide how many posts you would like to put out there per day. Record the number of likes and follower interactions by trying different algorithms that best suits your impression rate per week.

Finally, Tip 5; ENJOY . . . I started for fun, which leads to a side hustle and then became a full-time job. If you hate social media; this isn’t the job for you” (Mimms) Everyone is supposed to love what they do, not to strive for something impossible just because of the perks that go along with it. Brandon Mimms wasn’t always at the top, he struggled with these same issues that all of you are going through and he’s here to instruct the community for a greater chance at success on social media. “Through trial and error, I learned what niches work best for me and what can bring me the most income” (Mimms) There is always room for mistakes, but if you start your page and gain a following from that particular niche, you cannot change it because your followers who followed you enjoy that type of content for a reason and that reason only.

Find a niche which best suits you and get started using these 5 tips to better your online personal experience.

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