Spotlight: 5 Promising L.A. Artists To Keep An Eye On

With new artists making noise every day, it’s arduous to keep up with them all. From Los Angeles to Crenshaw, the West Coast is undeniably making its resurgence as one of the leading areas of music culture. While the world is fairly aware of Blueface, YG, Nipsey Hussle, and many others; there are still numerous artists that fly under the radar. Here is a list of five established up and coming artists to be on the lookout for:

Correy C

In 2016, Correy C released Salutations, including features from Gusto Leimert and Cozz, who made two guest appearances on the project. The Crenshaw rapper remained relatively quiet until the top of 2018 with the release of his 7-track EP Digital Scale.

Last year, Correy C embarked Dreamville emcee BasMilky Way tour as a supporting act alongside Rexx Life Raj and Innanet James. Correy and Bas previously collaborated on numerous songs: “Pinball II,” “Fragrance,” and “Infinity+2.”

On songs such as “No Pressure” and “Legendary Libra,” Correy’s aggressive flow proves him to be the next trap star, while singles like “One Try” and “Whenever” offer melodic flows and catchy hooks. Correy C’s ability to mesh well on every track no matter the artist or instrumental solidify him as Crenshaw’s next big artist.

Mani Coolin’

With the release of 2015’s Hope 4 The Youth, rising L.A. rapper Mani Coolin’ became a known underground emcee. The 12-track LP includes staple features from League, Niko G4, Hardaway Smith, and Cozz. The project is one of many released over the course of the past few years.

Mani Coolin’ splurged on the scenes with 2011’s Something Perfect. The mixtape, featuring Casey Veggies, served as the beginning of something much bigger than just music. Coolin’s latest project, Here 4 Me Only, is the living proof, displaying undeniable growth in music.

Through music, Coolin’ seeks to inspire “fans in different states off songs, no mixtapes,” he raps on “Hope.” Mani Coolin’ is one of those rappers that got it “out tha mud.”


“Don’t give a fuck ’bout a bitch / Don’t give a fuck ’bout a hater,” G2 raps on “Fawhs” off his latest EP, Off It. The project features big names such as G Herbo and Southside, who helped organize and produce a number of tracks on it as well. It serves as a follow-up to 2017 release Expect The Unexpected which propelled the Crenshaw rapper to new heights.

The 808 Mafia protege, G2, is also a member of Crenshaw collective District Boyz, home of rappers such as Six Sev, Correy C, and Fresco DBFLYG. Additionally, G2 has worked with a number of other artists including Sheck Wes, Marshmello, D. Savage, and many more.

Kyle Banks

In late-2018, Los Angeles singer Kyle Banks, or “KB” for short, emerged onto the music scene with his introspective single “Time Go.” The track, directed Patroni Films, sees KB cruising down the L.A. streets singing “Where do all this time go? /How you tell someone you love them, now you don’t know?”

Earlier this year, Kyle Banks was amongst many artists and producers invited to Dreamville Record’s Revenge of the Dreamers III recording sessions held in Atlanta. Last month, the L.A. native reissued his euphonious single “Calabasas,” which boasts production from Meez and Louie Ji.

KB’s music presents an emotional take to the Los Angeles sound, fusing trap sounds with melodic vocals. For example, “Promise,” the latest collaboration between the L.A. crooner and Correy C. With only a slew of singles out, Kyle Banks poised to be the next R&B star.

Niko G4

For the past few years, Niko G4 pioneered a sound of his own while building his label, RWTW$. As time has shown, it worked in his favor extremely well. G4, who released his highly-anticipated Roll the Dice 2 album in 2017, is one of the most consistent with numerous releases last year.

In 2012, G4 began working closely with Dom Kennedy under his Other People’s Money (OPM) imprint, opening up the door for numerous collaborations and several tours across the states. Their earliest joint effort dates back to “PG Click” off Dom’s The Yellow Album. Since then, G4 has worked with the likes of Jay 305, Casey Veggies, Free Ackrite, G Perico, and plenty more.

Check out G4’s first release of the year, “Too Eazy,” below:

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