42 Dugg: Detroit’s Hottest Lyrical Tyrant

42 Dugg has been a staple in the Detroit rap scene since 2018. After strong co-signs from Memphis legend, Yo Gotti & QC’s MVP Lil Baby, his stock has steadily risen to the top. With the release of his latest release, Young & Turnt Vol. 2, the Motor City spitter delivered once again. A lot of Hip-Hop is influenced by different trials and tribulations. Unfortunately, some of these lyrics are hyperbolized to get a reaction. Everything 42 Dugg is real and can be vouched for by anyone from his city.

Dugg had a standout performance on Lil Baby’s #1 album, My Turn. The single showed both Lil Baby and Dugg at their most vulnerable. They go back and forth, discussing various street perils and the importance of sticking to the code. We are so used to hearing artists shout out names in their songs that we become numb to the idea that these are real people.

Lil Baby x 42 Dugg – Grace

If you listen to Dugg’s catalog, you realize that he keeps any of his close homies names alive, no matter if they are locked up or no longer alive. There are not many people who receive such a strong co-sign in the industry. So for 42 Dugg to get two, it should be clear that his track record has been verified. I heard Dugg’s song for the first time last year at one of Detroit’s biggest day parties Twerk & Tequila. The crowd’s reaction when West$ide Kharri(@wskharri) played “The Streets” by 42 Dugg was a moment to remember. From that day on, I was a 42 Dugg fan. Fast forward to today, we have conducted a dope in-depth interview for everyone to enjoy below!

Dugg is extremely humble, he was excited about the release of his second installment of Young & Turnt. He mentioned that when he heard the beat for Lil Baby’sGrace“, Dugg knew it was something he wanted to rap on. The rapper exclaimed that “he recorded the verse first, then Baby sent the record back with two verses and a hook. I went back to Atlanta and re-recorded my verse while Baby was asleep, and he woke up and knew we had a hit.”

His new album features fire features from Yo Gotti, Lil Baby, Heavy, and plenty more. Dugg’s project always has hard-hitting production that captures his fans as soon as they hear it. His main goal with this project is to become more visible to the public and really push out his sound to the world. With everyone locked down due to COVID-19, it is the perfect time for people to get in shape. If you ever need the motivation to work out, 42 Dugg’s music is sure to get you in the mood to get moving.

With everyone on lockdown, his tour with label mate Moneybagg Yo will no longer go one. Yo Gotti is like a big brother to Dugg. Lil Baby is more like 42 Dugg himself; for lack of better words, they just speak the same language. Luckily, they both have pushed Dugg to be the best version of himself and take advantage of the new opportunities that have come over time. Over the years, it is obvious that the advice has been sinking in. Fans and industry representatives have seen the Detroit artist become more meticulous in his moves. I can only imagine how different he will be in the next 3-4 years.

The Michigan bred creator is not letting the coronavirus stop his grind. He looks forward to creating more music and dropping visuals for his fans to enjoy. For now, Dugg is riding the momentum of his most recent release and expanding his sound for future releases in 2020. For now, go check out 42 Dugg’s latest project, Young & Turnt Vol. 2, and watch out for his future announcements this year and beyond.

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