“40 Yard Dash” With Que9 and 17th Street Mula

“40 Yard Dash” is a sprint of youthful energy by Que9 and 17th Street Mula.

“40 Yard Dash,” the latest single from teen duo sensation Que9 and 17th Street Mula is equivalent to red bull. It’s huge on vibrancy and simplistic but effective bars on hard hitting production by ustdoitBRISK and SMITH. Everything blends together smoothly to form what the kids call a car anthem!

Consider this single a preview of the whole circumference of music the two plan to drop in 2021. That’s includes a upcoming single titled “Zoom” which might be a new summer anthem. However, the focus for the two currently is taking it day by day.

To go along with the new audio is a video that appeared recently on BET as well. The visual showcases the two teenagers enjoying life and having fun reciting the song lyrics. To add flare to their frequency are beautifully captured scenes by IG: moondoproductions.

Keep an eye out for these two young future stars, they have a vibe like no other! Humble souls but rock stars when it comes to curating music that can make anybody happy. “40 Yard Dash” is out on all DSPs and the video is on YouTube.

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