3Breezy Releases ‘Catch A Breeze’

3Breezy is one of my new favorite artists coming out of New Jersey! After reeling in tens of millions of streams and earning acclaim, rising Pennsauken, New Jersey, R&B/hip-hop artist 3Breezy unveils his new complete project “Catch A Breeze,” out now on Capitol Records.

Inciting critical acclaim right out of the gate and called “technically elegant and sonically moving”. He was also called“Your new favorite R&B/hip-hop artist.” Catch A Breeze caps off an incredible journey from Breezy. He changed to plans from being a veterinary technician to producing and creating, and releasing his songs.

Breezy’s empathy runs deep. Moreover, he grew up in a rough part of Jersey, surrounded by sisters, aunts, grandmother, and great-grandmother. Therefore, everyone who helped him learn how to listen. Also, how to be strong for others. Having good shoulders to lean on has led to Breezy becoming just that for his listeners.

Catch A Breeze Cover Art

3Breezy will also be releasing a documentary in November. giving us an inside of where he comes from, family in his life, and upcoming music. 3Breezy kicked off his career in October 2020, and now on Catch a Breeze, he’s beginning to fully explore this sensitive side of himself, crooning hazy confessionals and uplifting anthems over modern production. Though he has only been making music for about a year, 3Breezy proves he’s a bonafide hitmaker capable of intensely personal songcraft.

Check it out here below!

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