Mercedes Mike, CEO of MTM Records, Drops First EP, DEDICATION Hosted By DJ Superstar Jay

In 2009, Mercedes Mike formed the independent recording label, Motivation to Morals Records. This platform was designed to unite up and coming artists and creatives to innovative and push the culture. He created a unique ingenious process that differentiates him as an artist. One of his main goals in being successful, is to create jobs and opportunities for others to prosper in life. Mike remains dedicated to connecting with his listeners and other artist to deliver vivid and expressive music.

Born in the Bronx but raised in Queens, this southside native effectively built a name for himself through his passionate lyrics and positive messages. Mercedes Mike incorporates elements of soulful beats, many classical opera samples mixed in with life experiences and struggles for inspiration. He recently debuted his first EP, titled Dedication which is hosted by DJ Super Star Jay. The listening party was held at Quad Studios in New York City and with a impressive amount of positive feedback Mike tells us what influenced this project.

“My life experiences influenced me to tell my story through music. I feel like music has an interesting way of bringing people together, bringing awareness to certain issues and most importantly sharing your story for others to relate. I titled this project, Dedication because I wanted it to reflect what I was feeling. I remained dedicated and consistent to finish my first project in a timely manner. I used all my resources to put together a timeless tape that consisted of authentic music.”

As New York City is known to be the captial of Hip Hop, Mike creates an unique enticing sound that quickly captures your attention. Nowadays several creatives are more hands with their visuals. The Queens artist co-directed the first single of the Dedication EP, “Gunz and Butter.” With his sharp eye for detail and soulful flow this multitalented wordsmith is destined to be one of New York’s most prominent emcees.

To listen to “Dedication” click below!

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