3 Young Black Professionals Set to Create Change with company VNF Productions

It was during the planning process of Floresca Isme’s New York Fashion Week show that VNF Productions became an idea. DeVena Smith, Noah Love and Floresca Isme knew their talents and experiences were far too great not to come together to create change in the industry. So in their wisdom, they did exactly that, and VNF Productions was born.

VNF Productions is a one-stop shop for emerging designers, curated by three young black professionals who have been in the fashion industry for 10+ years. Their combined background includes but is not limited to the following – runway production, fashion presentations, public relations, marketing, creative direction, runway coaching, e-commerce sales, music videos, photo shoots, and NYFW castings.

Originally from the UK, Devena Smith has been living in the States for a decade, residing in New York City for half of that. Vena has worked as a model, creative director, and producer. She’s had hands in music videos and numerous fashion shows. Vena’s role at VNF includes venue scouting, website design, and overall production. Vena makes sure everything about the VNF brand is cohesive from design to the portrayal of the proper message, something she truly enjoys doing.

Since moving to the city 9 years ago from Miami Florida, Noah Love has worked as a brand strategist for several companies in New York, while also running his own modeling agency (@iamodelsnyc). Noah enjoys the outreach and communication aspects during the beginning process of forming a business. Which usually includes talking to designers, writing emails or taking phone calls. Noah even told me he could sell ice to an Eskimo, which is obviously quite impressive. If it requires talking, witty captions or motivation, Noah can do it and there’s a hashtag to prove it. #Noahcandoit

Model, business owner, and influencer Floresca Isme debuted her brand Etana Fashion House earlier this year. The Boston native with roots in Haiti has lived in New York City for four years. With a background in hospitality, Flo naturally draws to networking with talents and reaching out to different influencers for their VNF insiders program. She’s also spearheading the brand’s social media, influencer relation, and customer relations management.

VNF’s goals are to bring back the sense of authenticity and exclusivity in NYFW. Although rumors have been going around that the production quality of NYFW had dwindled, VNF is here to change the narrative. The company’s commitment is to give the designers more bang for their buck. VNF’s mission is to turn the attention into sales, and for the designer to capitalize on their showcase.

VNF Production went public in April of 2019, the company is currently planning to have their very first showcase in September 2019. Upon launching, VNF Productions plans to take over the market and become a household name. The founders have a desire to enter a door and leave that door open for the future generation. Overall, they aim to make Brooklyn, especially the Dumbo area a part of the NYFW conversation.

In preparation for the takeover, VNF is accepting submissions from designers for NYFW SS20. I hope New York is ready! To keep up with VNF, follow their Instagram (@VNFproductions) or check out their website.

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