3 Takeaways From Coach Q’s Visit to Beastly’s Lounge Podcast

The 111th episode of Beastly’s Lounge Podcast featured an in-depth conversation with the ‘Commonwealth’ state’s go-to publicist Quinelle Holder, more popularly known as Coach Q

The 75 minute-episode tackles a multitude of topics. It ranges from the start of Quinelle’s entertainment career to the beginning of Medium PR Agency. Most importantly, he shares some do’s and don’ts for upcoming creatives in the industry. Here are the three strongest takeaways:

1. Never Forget Where You Come From – A real “Hometown Hero.”

When asked if he is still in tune with the local music scene, Holder exclaims that he would have never got his start in the business without Virginia music. Quinelle states that most of the artists in the state that are coming onto the scene now are his peers. It makes it even better to see the progression. He mentions his playlist curating role at Audiomack. Q emphasizes how dope it is to be able to highlight talent from his home state on a monthly basis. 

When asked who some of his favorite current artists in the state, he mentioned the following names: Opal, Marco McKinnis, Who?, Michael Millions, Gabe Niles, and Nickelus F! He also reaffirms the fact that the scene is healthy and he is excited about all of the talented artists in the area. 

2. Content Is King: It’s more than just music.

During a conversation regarding the ever-changing climate of social media and musical roll-outs, Q explained that there is way more to artist content than music. Contrary to popular belief, artists don’t have to drop music all of the time. Quinelle discussed the importance of creating multiple forms of content like show footage, vlogs, BTS photos, and in-studio performances. Coach Q also reinforced the importance of proper content planning and management to make the most substantial impact. 

3. Stop Fake Networking: Make meaningful connections. 

Hysterically laughing, Holder states he’s tired of seeing people pointlessly attend mixers/networking events. He wants creatives to attend these events with a specific person of interest in mind. Exchanging contacts with people who don’t align with your vision. He cautions all artists to be aware of the resources they spend when attempting to build relationships. Primarily, work smarter, not harder ladies and gentlemen. 

Elsewhere in the conversation, Quinelle Holder discusses how he met his wife, his plans for the future of Medium PR Agency, and other current social topics. You can check out the full episode of Beastly’s Lounge Podcast below. 


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