2KBaby Is Taking His Career and Talents To New Heights In 2022

Louisville’s latest lyricist to put the city on the map comes to you as 2KBaby, formerly known as Lil Sage. Now the rising rhymer returns to chop it up with KAZI Magazine to talk all things 2KBaby, “Luigi”, Louisville and more! 

Who Is 2KBaby?

2KBaby’s voice is a shimmering crackle packed with heart and soul—a instrument used to tell street stories with lessons of optimism and resilience. In regards to his musical inspiration, he singles out Lil Wayne, Michael Jackson, G Herbo, Lil Durk and Chief Keef as his influences. He says:

My style was a real MC — just really rapping, because I used to listen to G Herbo and all of that. Then I moved to Atlanta a year ago, and that’s when I started tapping into melodies and trying to sing more.”

When first stepping on the scene, not all of his fans were rocking with his melodic flow. Fast forward to today, and he’s changed their perspective. Nowadays, he’s balancing singing and rapping, and he’s making music that anyone can relate to. Music comes to him in revelations, and it hits us the same. 

“Luigi” – Featuring Chicago Drill Legend, Chief Keef

In 2021, 2K really took the music world by storm by teaming up with Chicago Drill Legend, Chief Keef on the “Luigi” track. In addition to the arrival of the audio, it was accompanied by an intriguing video. The captivating clip depicts a harrowing hospital visit and a chaotic bank robbery. Since its release in the 4th quarter of 2021, the music video has accumulated over 1.1 Million views and counting. 

Luigi“, like the best of the 2KBaby releases, is aspirational and born of struggle. For example, the track opens up with Chief Keef serenading: “Momma if I made you cry then I’m sorry.” As the beat starts kicking in, 2KBaby comes in, rapping with staccato melodies. Although he talks about getting into the booth, getting older, and feeling lonely at the top – the message is ultimately positive. He’s grateful.

Additionally, the visuals are vibrant. Portraying a bank heist with robbers wearing animal masks, a party with rambunctious dancing, and drinks flowing as the song wraps. 2K is unbothered by success and is ready for his moment!

The 2021 Takeover In Preparation For The 2022 2KBaby Takeover 

On the heels of his trendy track “Luigi” featuring Chief Keef, 2KBaby also arrived with his most recently released EP, First Quarter. The December release of his sophomore project comes laced with eleven elevating tracks. In which, 2K Baby, highlights his natural knack for melody. In fact, the project features previously released singles, “Like This” with esteemed EDM and pop producer Marshmello, “Zack & Cody” as well as the Chief Keef collaborative track, “Luigi”. Along with guest appearances from Mozzy on “Old Shoes” and Kaash Paige featured on “Something On My Mind”. 2KBaby also released a video for the album’s lead single, “Postman“, which features the 21-year-old rapper as a mailman having an affair with an older woman. Check it out here!

As a matter of fact, it follows up a string of one-off singles. Making this project the Louisville native’s first full-length release since his April 2020 debut Pregame Rituals. With his 2020 debut project, the Louisville MC cemented himself as one of hip-most hop’s most prominent and promising new stars. With all these back to back bangers, it’s a clear indication that he’s only scratched the surface of what he can do. 

Bringing It Back To The “Old Streets”

For instance, his transcendent RIAA Gold-certified (and still climbing) “Old Streets” has laid the groundwork for his potential. It’s brimming with a wide range of emotions, which 2K says he strives for every time. Although it may be his centerpiece, it’s not the blueprint—and what comes next rises above genres for global impact. On The 2K Stimulus song bundle, he continued to push himself. By exploring lush R&B and guitar-streaked bangers. And following our interview, it’s clear that 2K won’t stop mastering new sounds anytime soon!

As a rapper and singer, 2K has already established himself as a generational talent. His stardom is rapidly rising thanks to his stylish songs, videos, and influential co-signs. 2KBaby is wise beyond his years, as evidenced by his music. Growing up, he and his younger brother had no one to rely on, so they had to fight for survival. In which the pain can still be heard in 2K’s voice today.

What’s Next? 

Those fresh releases place 2K further along the path of success that he’s carved out for himself up until now. In doing so, he focused on his bright and moving melodies into a sound and style that feels uniquely his. In 2021, he really set the tone and left his mark, but 2KBaby is back in the new year with a new mindset, a new grind, and most of all – NEW MUSIC! Stay tuned for more from 2KBaby as he’s always dropping off surprises for his fans. 

To help you get up to speed on all things 2KBaby — we’ve taken a look at his past, his present, and where he’s heading next in our latest interview below. Lastly, take a look and let us know what you think! 

The Year Of 2KBaby… The Interview 

  • Hey 2K! Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me on behalf of KAZI Magazine. Before we jump into our interview to talk about everything from your single “Luigi”, Masked & Warner Records, what’s next and more… First feel free to tell us a little more about 2KBaby and where it all began. 

Everybody know me as 2KBaby now. I used to go by Lil Sage and 2KBabySage. When I lived in my city, like, before I left my city and expanded it. Before I was like Melodizing and singing. I was just going by Lil Sage. I started rapping when I was like 14. My homie got locked up well all of my homies got locked up. Including myself. We used to car hop in Louisville, car hopping is big.

So then on that notice I was like I boom I’m just start scraping up money and go to the studio to record… This is back in 2014 2015 type era. You know back then that Chicago drill shit was huge. That was big so I really just started rapping just to say free my niggas on track, honestly, and by the time my nigga came home — he came home early. But when he came home, I had, you know, the hood and I had the city fuckin with me, really on my back.

So as soon as I got out, I went to the pound to get my car. I knew that my daddy’s family was down in Atlanta, but I haven’t seen them since I was like 10 or 11 due to like CPS. They  took me out my daddy’s house and sent me to live with my mom. It was a no contact order. So all the way up until 18 I didn’t communicate, talk to or even see my daddy or that whole side of the family. I just had some information for some other people that was down there. So I just got my car. I just hit the road on some winging it shit like I’m gonna get down. 

Yeah, so boom they rip my radio out and so the five – six hour drive from Louisville to Atlanta. I didn’t have a radio. That’s how I started singing honestly. I was just in my car driving for five, six hours, smoking black milds and I just started singing in the car. Before that, before I left my city and hopped on the road. I never even really sung forreal… I was just rapping. On some MC shit, you know. I hopped on the road I start singing while I was on the road just driving by myself.

Then by the time I got to Atlanta, I just hit some people up and tried to find some other people. I found a studio in this one nigga’s basement and then I just started perfecting my sound in his basement. Then I posted a freestyle video of me singing unless and then it went viral. The whole world was fucking with it, but my city though I ain’t gon’ lie – at first my city wasn’t fucking with it. Also, I came up with 2KBaby while I was in Atlanta. Meaning 2000’s baby.


The Artistry — 

  • What’s your creative process like? How do you put pen to paper? 

I ain’t gon’ lie, I just hop in the studio. I really don’t have any songs in my notes forreal, I don’t know. It be hard for me to vibe out forreal if I’m not in the studio and the speakers aren’t banging. I’m just the type of nigga that I just want to record it right then and there. When I was a young nigga like way before I was even harmonizing, back when I was just rapping rapping. I was writing back then but you know I got kicked out of my mom crib. Then, I left my Granny’s crib and I left this spot. I was bouncing around and shit at one point in time during high school. So with all of that bouncing around, I lost a lot of shit that I own. I don’t really got anything.

On the real, I don’t even think I got my fucking high school diploma. I lost a lot of shit last year just moving around and shit I lost notebooks and left phones and left a lot of songs. So after that shit I was like, bruh I’m not writing anymore. Also because I’ll be watching a lot of Lil Wayne and shit in one of his PSAs he said some shit like all of his lyrics are in the microphone type shit. That he doesn’t write that shit, he just punches in and have his lyrics recorded. So I just really kind of go off that. But like you know, some of the best ones do come when they’re written though. And I’ll be telling myself I’ll make some fire if I write it, but it just be my attention span on the real.

  • As a Louisville multifaceted musician, how would you say your hometown has influenced your sound and musical style? 

Hell yeah. Most of my musical inspiration is going to come from my city because that’s just where I am from, everything I’ve seen and everything that I talk about, it’s from there. You know? And I also feel like my sound being what it is, was from being from there. Which I feel played a strong role just cuz you could tell when a nigga from Atlanta you know. You can tell when niggas from Chicago you could tell when a nigga is from Florida or New York or LA with the music shit. 

Before these past couple years, before niggas like me, Jack Harlow we were all putting on even before Bryson Tiller. Honestly before that Louisville didn’t really have a sound… I still feel like now it really doesn’t have a sound. Because even the top artists from Louisville, we all are so different.  I do what I do. Jack does what he does. G does what he does and Bryson does what he does. But I mean, I guess we are giving it a little range now. But before us there was no range. There was no specific sound of Louisville. I feel like there was no blueprint, there weren’t any steps to follow. There were no names of who represents Louisville as far as music. There really was nobody since Nappy Roots


“Luigi” Leads 2021

  • Your trendy track, “Luigi” is a bop! Well crafted. How did the collaboration between you and Chief Keef come about for this single? 

My A&R. He’s got a relationship with somebody in Chief Keef’s camp. So yeah, I made the song and I recorded the song in studio. And my A&R came in listening to it, and he was like, man, why don’t we put Chief Keef on here? And I was like, “Shittt yeah, that’d be crazy!” Obviously, I’m a young nigga so I grew up listening to him so that’d be legendary.

I’m not gon’ lie, I didn’t think, not being negative or nothing like that, but I was just like, “mmm, i don’t know, Chief Keef like, you know the type of music he be making are you sure he’ll hop on some shit like this bruh? But my A&R put it together and shit. You know he came back and showed me Chief’s verse and shit. I like “oh, shit hopped on this bitch bro. That’s crazy!” And he was melodizing on it too which I liked.

  • Although the record is focused around positivity and leveling up, you mention “it being lonely at the top”. Do you feel there’s a thin line between love and fame? 

Yes, I agree. There’s people that, like you know, survive all the levels of going up but they remain the same and stay one hunnid you know. Which is going to be very select few so I mean even them you still got it in the back of your head like can they turn on me, but other than them though I ain’t  gon’ lie you don’t get love. I mean it’s kind of complicated. Because it’s like me I ask myself like iight boom in another dimension in an alternate dimension like if I didn’t start rapping and I was just the same little bald headed boy from the trenches would y’all rock with me? I don’t know, it’s just fucked up honestly.

  • “Luigi” appears on your latest project First Quarter, following the great feedback surrounding the release, how are you handling this cyclone of good fortune?

If you want me to be all the way honest with you. And I hope this doesn’t make my fans mad or nothing but like I really I don’t look at my numbers. I don’t look at my stats or at anything. I just have a genuine love for making music. 

Yeah, like if anything my manager might let me know and keep me posted on what’s going on on the internet as far as with my shit. But like I don’t actually look into my shit honestly. Personally I feel like that shit puts limits on my creation or my creative ability because you know you start looking at shit like that. You are going to just start telling yourself like ok they like this more or they like that more. And you start focusing on that. I really just make music for myself to listen to and the fans to vibe to.


The Career — 

  • Busting out bangers all throughout 2021, how do you remain so creative? 

My creativity I feel just comes from my drive and my ambition. I just tell myself like, I gotta get this shit done. I gotta paint that picture for them. And really just my life. Every single day I’m trying to get better and better at being able to take my everyday thoughts and my everyday scenarios and really put them into words. You know, I mean, I feel like I’m good at making music about my past. But I’m trying to get better at making music about my present.

  • Throughout your career you’ve collaborated with a number of trailblazing talents. Are there any collaborations coming up that you’re excited about? Or any artists you would like to work with and why? 

Shit, damn bruh. That’s hard. I got some people that I really want to collab with. Like YoungBoy. I really want to collab with Jack. Those are my two favorite artists honestly. Aside from my personal preferences like just who I’m a fan of… I would like to collab with Drake, obviously you know, every good businessman would love to do that. I would love to collab with Thug and Post Malone. Just for learning purposes. I feel I can learn a lot from those two artists. When it comes to cadences and shit like that. There’s a few artists that I’d like To work with though that I would definitely be open to working with.


The Wrap Up

  • As 2022 is here, I’m excited to hear more about your craft and artistry. What’s next for 2K? 

I mean, I just dropped my tape like you said. It just dropped in December. So you know I’m definitely trying to start getting the visuals together for every track on that project. But honestly, other than that, like I really just told myself like, boom for this New Year as I’m looking around, I realize, I’m not satisfied with where I am at. 

But like, at the end of the day, like I don’t feel like I’m lit right now, you know, I mean, I don’t have people calling my phone right now. Or trying to turn up with me for the New Year. I wasn’t lit enough to be having my own function right now like everybody at 2KBaby shit for New Year. It wasn’t like that so I was like damn…Am I satisfied? I guess shit was just fucking with me. I was like bruh going into 2022, a new year still not where I want to be… 


We left the party and went back to my house and we got back by like three in the morning 4 in the morning and I just went up to my room. Just pacing back and forth just really thinking about that shit. All my people went to their room to sleep and they crashed out. And then like about like, 6- 630 This is January 1. This is right after New Year. I went and I woke my niggas up. I was like, come on, we’re gonna go shoot a video right now. Because, I’m just really not feeling where I’m at right now.

So we got up at like seven in the morning. Well, I was already up. I never went to sleep. To be honest, I probably didn’t sleep for like the first two days of the New Year. I didn’t sleep until like January 3. So Boom. Knocked the video out. Boom. Recorded the rest of the day. Next day I was writing down some other shit for another video then the day after that I shot another video. 

Basically, I’m gearing up to just record and drop. I’m about to just be dropping on YouTube. I’ll just be dropping music videos every week. You know, I just got to force them to really like to hear me or appreciate me. I just feel like what I’ve been doing you know, it worked from the outside looking in. But like, honestly, I’m an overachiever. It’s not like I don’t appreciate all the hundreds of thousands of people that are listening to my shit right now. But, you know, I want to fucking drop and my shit go crazy!!!


Final Words With KAZI Magazine 

  • Lastly, Is there a message you’d like to leave with your fans? 

I love y’all. I’m nothing without my fans. Honestly. I especially really love the fans that really are hitting me up and let me know that certain songs have gotten them through certain things. Because like I said, I used to be in the same shoes. You know, I used to be DMing G Herbo like bro thank you for this song and this song even if I didn’t get a response. But, you know, I know how it is though. So I really appreciate my fans that do that a lot. They go to war for me. And my fans that fuck with me regardless of what anybody say, you know, that she really mean a lot to me.


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