2FeetBino Gets Deep On “How I’m Comin”

2FeetBino continues to bring fans deeper into his world one song at a time. Today, he shares “How I’m Comin” (Paradise East Records), a new track and video where he reflects on his upbringing and values.

2FeetBino’s rap style is complex, realistic, and extremely versatile. Earlier this year he released “In Da Spot” featuring 4L Quan. It is a hard-hitting trap banger with an irresistible hook. In December of last year, he released “Rango,” which saw him reconnect with video director, iNightLyfe. Together they created another cinematic visual with the backdrop of his hometown.

2FeetBino Is On His Way To Stardom

The rising PDE artist shows no signs of slowing down recently releasing his critically acclaimed debut, A Story Never Told. Furthermore, the mostly melodic project detailed sobering and personal anecdotes throughout his youth including the intimate standout single, “Apple Pie” where his daughter is the guest star of the video. Moreover, “Ease the Pain;” the motivating anthem, “Keep Goin,” “Plenty Sense” and “Rainbow” featuring  Young Nudy and  Bermuda Yae, Bino’s been churning out breakout hits.

His airy flow and melodies are catchy. Moreover, while juxtaposing harsh subject matter with Complex stating that 2FeetBino “pushed that sound and polished it further, promising a bright future.” In 2019, 2FeetBino released Broken Dreams. It was  a mixtape that would define his cultivated sound. He did this while giving an introduction to what he represents. The budding rapper made waves in 2018 when Bino and Nudy released a video for “No Freestyle”.The record was inspired by feature film The Purge. 

Lastly, take a listen to the new single here below!

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