PM FRVR Reveals The Visuals For Lead Single, “Weather”

Atlanta artist PM FRVR is gearing up for the release of his forthcoming project, Long Story Short! In fact, the album includes real-life inspirations, which PM FRVR says he aspires to incorporate into all of his music. In the meantime, PM dropped off the visual for his debut single, “Weather,” which begins a narrative that will keep viewers guessing until the very end.

Since a child, PM FRVR has had a passion for music and has been honing his craft. Following a failed relationship and five years after graduating college, PM has decided to pursue music professionally.

PM FRVR Speaks On The Inspiration

“I’ve always been passionate about music, but what inspires me is to be able to have a voice for others that may feel or live the way I do,” said PM FRVR. 

In his latest drop off, PM FRVR – short for “Playmaker Forever,” appears to address the same themes of balancing street life and personal life.

“I had a beef with someone, and this man didn’t understand why I would change the weather on him… That was my state of mind at the time.”

During the visual fans witness PM FRVR’s love interest on her phone laying across the bed in their home. While he sits atop a silver and beige luggage case downstairs near their staircase. The rising rhymer receives a call from an unknown number, prompting him to flee the house. Much to his girlfriend’s surprise, he tells her he needs to “handle something”. He leaves the house fully dressed. Grabbing a revolver from the front seat of his car as he jumps into the passenger seat of another vehicle – driving away into the night. Next, we see PM FRVR and the guy who brought him up from his house presumably run into someone they’ve been trying to catch out and about. All while his girlfriend becomes increasingly agitated at home because he’s not returning her calls.

To Be Continued…

As he walks away from the car, the rapper requests that the driver take his green bomber jacket off. The scene swings back to PM FRVR’s house. He enters wearing only a black long sleeve as he places the gun he took earlier on a counter near his front door. His fiancée jumps into his arms as the camera fades to black and the words “To Be Continued…” flash across the screen, anticipating his return.

His trendy track “Weather” serves as the lead single to his highly anticipated album, Long Story Short. Which is set to arrive later in the year. Listeners will enjoy being taken on a journey that has been his life for several years, as he describes his life as a book with music as chapters. Stay tuned here at KAZI Magazine for more PM FRVR! Lastly, press play on the fresh visuals for “Weather” and let us know what you think! Follow PM FRVR @pmfrvr on all social media platforms to remain up to date on what he’s up to ’till the project is out.

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