26AR is NYC’s latest phenomenon

When you hear “I do not rap but I really get busy” you know you’re in for a heater. 26AR is one of NYC’s most consistent artists. I feel like every week he’s dropping a brand-new song and music video. After remixing G Herbo’s Statement, and dropping numerous hits, 26AR has proved that he is not only incredibly lyrical, but also versatile and can kill any type of beat thrown his way. Frequently collaborating with NYC producers, A Lau, Yo Eli Wtf, and fellow rappers Rocko Ballin and Tazzo B. 

Whether you’re partying with friends, or you’re on your way to work, 26AR’s music is perfect for any occasion. Drench Em is the hardest NYC drill tape out right now. If you haven’t bumped him yet, I highly recommend starting with AmiriOn EmOnly Fans, or Have Mercy. Kazi Mag sat down with 26AR recently, read what he had to say below. Drench Em deluxe is set to arrive on 2/26. Get in tune with 26AR before he’s really out of here! 

Drench Em

How does it feel to have the number one album on apple music (at the time) with Drench Em? 

It feels amazing man. I’m in a great spot right now. Shout out to my brothers always doing tracks with me. Tazzo B, Rocko, Swook, we’re going crazy and taking over.

What was your mindset when you were recording Drench Em? 

I was mostly thinking about the trenches. 

What was your favorite song to work on? 

I like BnB but not gonna lie I like all them songs. I think My Set or Only Fans.

Who Is 26AR?

How did you get your name?

26 that’s the block, that’s the family. AR, I got that name from my parents 

Would you date a girl that has an Only Fans? 

Nah, treeshas. She for the streets thats a fact.

You got to be the only rapper I know that doesn’t smoke weed. 

I never smoked, I used to play ball. I used to have hoop dreams.

Off Record

How old were you when you linked up with Rocko Ballin and Tazzo B? 

That’s family we grew up together. From the same block.

Do you think we’ll get a Maneuver 3? 

You just might you never know. Got a lot of sh*t up my sleeve. 

Who are some producers that you worked with on this? 

Well, A Lau he’s phenomenal. Cyrus he go crazy, Eli WTF he unstoppable. Matt Marvin, Luca, they all go crazy. 

Did you record all of Drench Em in Off Record?

Yeah at Off with A Lau thats where I be most of the time. Those are the producers I mainly vibe with. That’s my style, what I like. 

It’s definitely important to have a producer that knows your sound. 

That’s exactly what’s going on. I think we mastered working with each and how we sound.

How did you link up with A Lau and Eli? 

Basically before I was locked up, they was messin with my guys. While I was locked up I got in contact with A Lau and told him I wanted to be a rapper when I come home. Said he would send me some beats. He never got to send the beats while I was locked up but when I came home we clicked. Came to get me with my friends, the rest is history. 

The Rise of 26AR and the Drill Scene

What are your thoughts on the current drill scene and how does it feel to be one of the rising stars of the scene right now? 

It’s lit right now, it’s looking good. Man, I knew this was going to happen and we would take over. We them steppers man. 

What can we expect from 26AR in 2021?

Just going crazy you know ima take over. 2020 was a play play, we’re gonna go crazy now. 



Interview by Calvin Schneider

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