252 Lico Signs Distribution Deal With Empire Records and Releases ‘Kill Time’

Popping up from Palmico, NC is a unique up-and-coming artist arriving as 252 Lico. His hit single “Just Want” with Grammy-nominated megastar DaBaby served as a catalyst for Lico’s introduction to mainstream media. 

Since then, he has grown in popularity and established a strong online presence, demonstrating great promise as a force in Carolina’s mushrooming soundscape. With the release of his self-titled project 252 Lico, the Pamlico rhymer exceeded expectations by making an impact that went beyond streams. The 2020 album features acclaimed radio host DJ Scream (Big Facts Podcast) and has received over 1 million streams across multiple platforms since its release.

Fan favorites like “Coronavirus” have received over 100K views on YouTube in just one month, demonstrating his unrivaled work ethic. With over 1.8 million views on YouTube, 252Lico is evidently making a name for himself in the music industry. To be honest, 252 Lico is clearly writing his legacy and cementing his position in the music industry, and he’s only getting started.

252 Lico Is Ready for Kill Time

Needless to say, 252Lico is a thriving talent and rising rhymer who continues to keep momentum in music with the arrival of his latest album, Kill Time. Throughout the project, 252Lico demonstrates his ability to captivate listeners with his lyricism and dynamic delivery, distinguishing him in the music industry. 252Lico will likely become even more successful in the coming years as he continues to release new music and grow his fan base.

Growing up, Lico’s life was the furthest thing from normal. While his father was in the navy, life in Pamlico was difficult: crime-ridden communities and a ravaged homeland depleted of resources and opportunity. With no one to lean on for guidance, Lico’s survival skills were put to the test. He had his back to the wall, but he didn’t give up; he never compromised the vision, even if it meant taking risks just to live another day. 

This same frame of mind has allowed Lico to remain hungry for success because he knows what it’s like to start from scratch. It’s critical as an artist to produce work that you’re proud of. When 252 Lico discovered his passion for music, for example, his fan base grew exponentially as people recognized his honesty and dedication to his craft.

252 Lico Looks To Leave Lasting Legacy

Overall, 252 Lico humbly intends to continue advancing as an artist and human being for as long as he is able. Pursuing success and artistic greatness. While it can be difficult to let go and be yourself as a creative artist, especially in a fast-paced industry where new trends emerge every month. After a few years of experience in the music industry, 252 Lico refined and improved his trendsetting technique.

As a result, he can now express his emotions and perspicuity in ways that his admirers enjoy. 252 Lico is looking forward to telling stories and inspiring people through his music. In doing so, he gives the world a unique perspective on the genre that deviates from the usual stereotypes and cliches. Don’t believe me? Press play on Kill Time here at KAZI Magazine! Get familiar with this trailblazing talent through his back to back bangers. Lastly, let us know what you think! 



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