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10 songs From VA Artist You Should Know

As a military kid, I bounced around as a youth, but since 5th grade, I have called VA home. I will never front like I am the gatekeeper of Virginia talent, but I do have a vast network of friends who are either supporters or creators of some of the commonwealth’s top tunes. Okay, now that my disclaimer is out the way, I will be sharing 10 of the dopest songs from non-mainstream artists that dropped in the last year.

This week was supposed to be the SITW festival. I had every intention of being lit with all of my homies and enjoying the vibes. Unfortunately, Auntie Rona (COVID-19) is making sure that any outdoor fun is paused until she is done kicking ass. Thankfully, I now have the time to spotlight 10 songs I would love to see perform at next year’s SITW festival.

Young Crazy x Cocaine Mali – Spin

If you are from Virginia, you have heard of Young Crazy. The self-proclaimed GOAT of Norfolk has received praise from many of VA’s top producers and creatives alike. In the 757, you will have a hard time going to the club without hearing at least one of the Seagrams Gin drinking street rapper’s records. The Kino Beats produced smash, “Spin” was an instant hit that will be the perfect song to get the post-rona parties lit.

D$G Dae – No Co-Signs

D$G Dae is a student at Old Dominion University, but he reps Northern Virginia with a passion. His single “No Co-Signs” shows Dae in a mode that only he can get. If you are a fan of bars that mean something, then every single song from this VA rapper will resonate with you. Many artists feel the pressure of producing quality after going viral once or twice. For Dae, this is has become routine. Check out his latest effort above.

Pilot Perc x Al Feury – Peace In The Water

Pilot Perc & Al Feury might be Virginia’s sleeper for the best duo. It seems like Al Feury creates the perfect beats to help Perc’s lyrics flow seamlessly. Their joint effort, “Peace In The Water,” serves as an outro to Pilot Perc‘s latest album. This project comes on the heels of the birth of Perc’s first child. This song perfectly combines his vulnerability with the talent to combine for an excellent ending to a substantial project.

WhyNotHauch – Ella Mae

You know a song is a bop when you start it back from the top, and you’re only one minute in. WhyNotHauch‘s single “Ella Mae” just does something to you. The VA crooner made it clear when he said: “it’s going to sound a little different when every word is authentic.” Hauch and the WhyNot crew have a robust catalog, and if you are looking for a new favorite artist, you may have found your match.

BerkleyBoyTay x Glizzy – Left To Right

Who’s ready to turn up?! BerkleyBoyTay & Glizzy teamed up to create an undeniable hit when they made “Left To Right.” Although the title may give off the impression that the song is light-hearted, they make it clear that they are not here to play. If you listen to this song with your eyes closed, you will see sparklers and five bottle girls from the 75’s notorious club, Bamboo Room.

Kahri1K x Quando Rondo – When They See Us

Kahri 1K made a lot of noise in Virginia when he was announced as the first signee to Pusha T’s Heir Wave Music Group. Since then, he has been dropping consistently to prove that King Push made the right decision. His single with Quando Rondo made strong waves in the blog world and now everyone has their eyes on Kahri 1k.

Opal x Angelica Demons

Opal is one of Virginia’s best-hidden gems. Her music streams phenomenally, and her electric style is enough to keep anyone intrigued. I have never done LSD, but I imagine it makes you feel something like an Opal song. Her beat selection is majestic, and all of her fans are looking forward to her next project.

Skuzii – 94 to 4eva

Skuzii takes the crown for the best live show in Virginia. He and his band captivate crowds up and down the east coast leaving many people wanting more. His heartfelt ode to a fallen friend (RIP 94 Nicely) “94 to 4eva” is an excellent introduction to any new fans of Skuzii. His music is real, authentic, and most importantly, honest.

Hue x Al Doms x I Need

Al Doms & Hue are two of Virginia’s most lyrical artists. After their collective eleven01 moved to NY to chase their dream, you could see the quality rise exponentially. Both rappers displayed their pen in Virginia’s Bars on I-95 cypher that received praise from Missy Elliot and other VA legends.

Traptize Ky – All Whites

Hailing from Virginia’s capital city, Traptize Ky has a strong following. His unique flow allows him to stack bars like a game of Tetris. His visual for “All White” shows that his neighborhood is behind him to the max. If you are in the mood to flex up on someone, Traptize Ky has the perfect song for you.

Virginia is filled with talent, but if I put it all in one list, then there would be no point in the next one. Virginia has at least three distinct styles in one state, and they all compliment each other. I could see any one of the artists on this list doing big-time numbers soon. With all this talent, maybe Pharrell was right, something maybe in the water.

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“I’m obsessed with giving the audience something they don’t see coming.” - Jordan Peele

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