Neek Bucks The Voice Of The Streets

Neek Bucks is the voice of the streets when it comes to hip-hop. He has been making music consistently for years and has established himself as one of the most lyrical young rappers out of Harlem, New York.

What sets him apart from other rappers coming out of New York? His lyrics cut deep when it comes to street storytelling. His personal experiences and emotions make his music feel authentic and relatable to listeners. The raw and gritty delivery captures the intensity and emotion of his lyrics, creating a powerful listening experience for fans.

We have always supported Buck’s music since our Digital Issue 02 cover of him. He constantly shows up from time to time. He can effortlessly switch between hard-hitting trap beats and more melodic, introspective tracks, showcasing his range as an artist. His versatility has helped him reach an audience beyond just the street rap scene. 

Now, Bucks is back to give all his fans an unmatched project. He released his debut album, Blessed To The Max. The project features legendary artists such as 2Chainz and Wiz Khalifa. The project is backed by Cardiak and BuddaBlessed This Beat production, among others. Put all the credits aside, Buck’s flow on each track is unmatched. The whole project is a banger; head-nodding is the norm while listening. 

The raw talent behind Buck’s flow carries a powerful message. He proves that he is a genuine threat to the industry.

That is precisely why we give him the title Voice of the Streets

Stream Blessed To The Max below.

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