Lil Rekk Garners Your Respect!

Lil Rekk of North Philadelphia and Highbridge is a different breed

Lil Rekk keeps everything true to him.

Rekk is a straight shooter when it comes to music, content, and life. He raps about the real-life experiences from the hood in a manner that is digestible to the mainstream ear. Learning from labelmates A Boogie wit da hoodie and Don Q is sure to influence that aspect of him. However, his transparency is a natural trait Rekk always is true to him.

At twenty-two years of age, Rekk is a “lil” bit more different than your average young adult. The trenches in the city of brotherly love have him the tough skin needed to survive. Add in a nomadic upbringing between, Philly, New Jersey, and Virginia, Rekk had to keep it street so his gangster wouldn’t be tested. That being said, Lil Rekk is a man of high class and character as well.

He is naturally a gentleman and wants to show that coming from rougher neighborhoods doesn’t dictate the morals of a person. The soul of Rekk speaks not only in music but in real life. Both sides of his life show on his new mixtape, ‘1ONE,’ which is based on his nickname growing up. Not straying from what makes himself, Rekk showcases different layers of who he is while being true to the streets with ‘1ONE.’

Overall, ‘1ONE’ positions Rekk in a mainstream buzzing star.

Along with his new project, Lil Rekk shares PTSD,” his new Watsynfilmz-directed video.  Rekk only started focusing on his musical career in 2019 after he watched one of his friends get into the rap game. But to that same humble beginning, he has grown into a full force and an artist to watch blossom into stardom in 2022. With 1ONE, Lil Rekk is ready to prove that he’s next out of Philly; and ready to follow his Highbridge labelmates A Boogie and Don Q to stardom.

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