Kay Flock Is NYC’s Next Music Star and Here’s Why

Photo credit: IG – Badmon._

Kay got them “Flocking” to his wavy music!

Kay Flock of the Bronx borough in New York City is not only keeping drill alive but might of added new energy to the subgenre oh hip hop. The typical aggressive and gritty beat along with flow is meshed well with Flock’s versatility. While every song has the usual drill heavy bass, Flock picks different samples per song; and does a great job of just rapping on it. He’s not just a drill artist but overall musician.

One good example is the Xxxxtentacion sample on one of his biggest singles “Being Honest.” The fact that is alone proceeds Is Ya Ready” which has a completely different tone similar to usual drill. “Being Honest” is a raw and emotional take on the subgenre that doesn’t comprise the gritty nature of drill; it only adds new layers to it and showcases Flock’s potential on being an overall hip hop star in the foreseeable future.

The 18 year old Bronx bar maven has been making movements over the past year; most notably one of my favorite singles of 2020 “Opp Spotter,” featuring fellow Bronx native B Lovee. I love that while it keeps the essence of drill, it can just be interpreted as a regular rap track. I mean that in the best way possible.

The main question among rising drill stars in New York is how sustainable is their sound once it hits mainstream? Sure Pop Smoke (RIP), Sleepy Harlow, Sheff G, and Fiavo found success in it but those have honestly been rare cases. “Opp Spotter” is the type of single that can be played anywhere and can get people moving. This put Flock in a rare spot as an artist who can grow as big as new York one day!

Add in the fact that the Bronx is not known for putting out drill artists adds more to the story of Flock.

The names I mentioned before and others you can add show how Brooklyn saturated drill can be. It’s not a bad thing but at the same time your average listener can get tired of hearing the same sound. We’re human so it’s only natural and this is my concluding point on the first sentence I wrote. Kay by being himself and by leading a whole other borough into a subgenre that has become New York’s RECENT signature sound speaks for itself.

How will he keep his momentum going and become a national star, we hope so. Personally, I love seeing talented rappers go far especially ones as genuine as Kay Flock. Regardless his certified by the Bronk, New York, and by us as a rising star. His growing fan base and millions of streams + views only add more fuel to his growing stardom.

Kay Flock and current hip hop star Lil TJay? Sounds like a game changer! Photo Credit: IG – Badmon._

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