Detroit’s G.T. Will Never Be Out Hustled

Detroit’s own, G.T. is one of the most battle-tested rappers in the Midwest. The street lyricist is a real-life rapper. Moreover, he does not know how to talk about anything he has not seen or done himself. The Motor City is not the easiest place to come up from. Therefore, everyone in the city has to hustle to ensure that they do not go without. From the outside looking in, fans believe that Eminem and Big Sean are the artists Detroit rappers look up to. After talking with G.T. and listening to interviews from his peers from the city, that is not totally true. There is an immense appreciation for those artists and what they have done, but they aren’t the most accurate description of what most residents go through day-to-day.

G.T. by Swaggy Nick

G.T. Is A Hustler First & Second But Rap Is His Passion

G.T. is known for his tenacity, passion, and honor between him and his fellow Motion Gang family. There are countless moments where the Motown wordsmith is mentioned when the topic of real comes up. He’s always down to connect his partners to opportunities because he knows they would do the same.

His newest album, Motion, is just further proof that he will not stop working—the 18-track LP clocks in at just a little bit under 50 minutes. With features from Jackboy, Babyface Ray, Icewear Vezzo, and more, it is all bosses. The choppy talking rap veteran has been trying various bags lately. Tracks like “Going Long,” “Big Body,” & “No Love” are only 3 of the 18 tracks that have instant replay value. His confidence has always been there, but now he knows the work is top tier. With his long-time partners Icewear Vezzo & Babyface Ray seeing many mainstream successes, he knows the spotlight is bigger than ever. Vezzo even put G on his latest tape Rich Off Pints, on the same track as him and Lil Yachty.

G.T. by Swaggy Nick

There is no way that G.T. will stop because he is just getting started. When we spoke, he made it clear that he is going all-in on his dreams. As an entrepreneur, he has made a lot of paper but he is ready to conquer rap. His newest LP is dope but he has plans to drop even more music soon. The pain in his lyrics is real and cannot be fabricated. The flashy CEO is excited to see what his new label Money Counter Music does as he looks to sign some fire up and coming talent. “The streets gave me nothing but pain, I swear” crooned the Detroit legend. Music means a lot to G and his ability to prophesize through his songs will lead to even more heat.

Check out his latest LP Motion today to see why he is our latest pick for our BUBBLING series!

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