Bfb Da Packman, Literally One Of One

Bfb Da Packman and his donuts for GQ! Just joking LOL maybe one day though.

From being a postman to rapping hilarious lyrics, Bfb is just one of a kind.

BFB Da Packman has been a steady riser in hip hop the past few years. Fun lyrics and hilariou social media antics has made him a fan favorite among all demographics. With all of his success and streams I think the main reason why he has blown up hasn’t really been covered. I’m here to change that.

He’s himself, it’s so simple. In an era full of PR stunts, paid advertisements, and follow the lead culture, Bfb has always stayed true to himself. It’s even to the point that he has kept his 9-5 as a postman regardless of being a well known rapper. It’s the relatability and personality he has that makes him a winner.

While his music is enjoyable, I wouldn’t call it groundbreaking. His wordplay implores more shock value rap which is fine. However, it’s the delivery that truly makes him shine. Bfb interjects his personality into every track that helps it become a laughter filled listen. Shoot I will literally ship this man a box of donuts if he ever decides to share his P.O. Box with us. That’s how much I and the team at Kazi like who he is.

Another key factor in his success is Bfb’s transparency. Packman is not scared to show the world who he is nor tell the world how he is doing. In past interviews and songs he name drops previous publicists and journalists who have pushed his brand to new heights. In previous interviews with Saycheese and No Jumper, I love how he is not afraid to open up about his obstacles to get to where he is at. BFB understands that the biggest stars are often the most relatable such as Michael Jackson.

No I’m not saying he is the King Of Pop but Packman is the king of high cholesterol and funny jokes so he has our hearts!

Funny lyrics from the funny man (Source Genius)

  • “She said she can feel it in her stomach, stop capping! Ol’ lyin’ ass bitch, my dick ain’t that big. Cougar bitch, but she look good, Toni Braxton. I-I-I-I-I got low self-esteem, I was a fat kid. Suck it good, chew it, then swallow, Sour Patch Kid. My bitch ’bout to leave me ’cause I’m built like Patrick. I nut super quick and I be weighin’ down the mattress. On the low, dawg, I’m tired of this fat shit,” – “Free Joe Extoxic” – Bfb Da Packman Ft. Sada Baby.
  • “Out here you gotta stick and move. Even as a baby, I was makin’ plays in the womb! I sent a women’s basketball playеr hella nudes. I don’t give a fuck if it was Spirit, bitch, I got flеwed (Yello)!” – “Bob And Weave” – Our favorite fat prophet ft. Zack Fox.
  • “I’m not R. Kelly, don’t touch kids, I’m tryna touch a brick! I’m not talkin’ gang shit when I say I gotta drop a six! I fuck on TikTok, not PornHub ’cause I be nuttin’ quick. Holy Moly Donut Shop, sir, hold the flies. I see Whoopi Goldberg naked when I close my eyes…That’s not dog shit, big unc’, you got a lot of fives!” – Our fat messiah Ft. Wiz Khalifa.

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