B-Lovee From The Bronx Means Business

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B-Lovee carries himself different, a good reason for his success

B-Lovee has been making plays the past few months. Mary J. Blige samples that led to viral Tik Tok dances and other various means has gotten his music recognized on a national level. The young native from the Bronx is on another level right now when it comes from New York artists branching off.

What’s the reason though? Is it just purely music? Can it be because he is on the front front of one of the hottests niches in hip hop called Drill? Maybe because Lovee tends to mind his business when it comes to beefs? Or is it a combination of all of these things above? Yes and it’s more more distinguishing factor to it; B-Lovee is not afraid to be himself.

A simple as a concept of self being is, it is what truly puts this Bronx bred above his competitors. B-Lovee doesn’t look to adapt an image to put himself on the map, he already is who he is. People are already drawn to him so why would he change that? Sure you can maybe polish up the little things such as vocabulary and body language for “media” but the pure essence of him is already a winner.

You don’t see B trying to being anything more than whom his family and the streets raised him to be. In 2022 that means a lot, not only to “industry” but to his real fans, the general public. I’ll be blunt, I’m happy the young man is not corny compared to many industry workers and other artists whom gives false personas on social media.

Sure the features and co-signs obviously are amazing but B-Lovee’s smoothness and emenor are his trump cards. Few people in general, let alone artists, have those distinguishing factors.

The music talent and ear speaks for itself. In almost every form of press I have seen about the young Bronx boss you generally get his resume and talents instead of who he is. Hopefully this feature changes your perception of the image he gives off. I would say stream his music but if you’re already this then you probably are.

With all of the recent commotion in Drill music about it being a “gang” war, look at artists such as B-Lovee whom explore it as music. Stop all of this “they use it for beef” and open your eyes. Beef is in the history of hip hop, you can’t stop that. Hostility is ingrained in our communities unfortunately. If you want a throwback beef that shook up New York, research 50 Cent and Ja Rule; it has always been there.

What we can do as media is give a different eye and perspective on drill artists. Let us start by giving the current forerunners of it such as B-Lovee his credit, that’s all.

Photo credit on all images – Michael Esposito

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