Zzz. Unveils Debut EP “SAM”: The Emergence of Warner Record’s Genre-Defying Talent Zzz. Unveils Debut EP “SAM”


23 May, 2024



In an era where musical boundaries blur and genres blend together, the emergence of new voices is both a challenge and a thrill. Zzz., an intriguing and genre-defying artist, has released his highly awaited debut EP, SAM, courtesy of Warner Records. This eclectic collection commits to highlighting Zzz.’s trailblazing talent and versatility.

Zzz. "SAM" Cover Art

A Mosaic of Emotion and Sound

SAM serves as a seven-track trip, with each song providing a vivid snapshot of Zzz.’s artistry. The EP opens with the raw and emotional single “NOTHING 2 U,” which is produced by Grammy-nominated Travis Barker. This track captures the inner agony of a breakup, with Zzz.’s genuine plea ringing true: “I just need you to know that I tried everything, but everything means nothing to you”. In fact, the accompanying visual advances this story by using a snow globe metaphor to depict Zzz.’s reflection and vulnerability.

“NOTHING 2 U” (Official Music Video)

Following this strong start, fans are treated to recent singles such as “U GIRL” and “WHEN U WRONG“. The first portion of the project offers an introspective look at love and loss, while the second half delves into the challenges of long-distance relationships, including a creative collaboration with Alabama rapper NoCap. These sizzling singles showcase Zzz.’s ability to pen and produce lyricism that are both gut-wrenching and relatable, all against a backdrop of innovative sound.

Standout Singles That Push Boundaries

One of the EP’s standout singles like, “LIE,” showcases Zzz.’s genre-bending abilities. With its synth-pop backbone and emotionally charged lyrics, the song digs into the internal struggle of suppressing one’s emotions: “As good as I bottle up my feelings, they’ve been eating me alive”. This trendy track indicates Zzz.’s ability to blend multiple musical influences and styles to create something entirely his own.
Other highlighted hits include “19,” a danceable exploration of coming-of-age themes marked by honesty, and “I MOVED AWAY,” which further cements Zzz.’s reputation as a versatile and innovative artist. Take a look at the track-list below!

SAM Tracklist

  2. U GIRL
  3. WHEN U WRONG ft. NoCap
  4. 19
  5. LIE
  6. LET U GO

The Future of Zzz.

With SAM, Zzz. bares his soul, giving listeners a raw glimpse into his reality. His music is a powerful blend of rap, emo, and pop-punk, infused with a strong feeling of longing, loss, and ambition. The EP exposes Zzz.’s curiosity and passion for self-expression, which make him an intriguing and distinctive musician in today’s landscape. As Zzz. advances as an artist, his prolific output—boasting a catalog of over 600 records—indicates that this is only the beginning. His rise from a budding artist to booming star displays his talent and relentless drive.

In SAM, Zzz. has crafted an EP that transcends musical boundaries, offering a blend of tender hooks, laced lyricism, and innovative production. As he continues to push the envelope, Zzz. stands self-confident to leave an indelible mark on the music industry. Nonetheless, for music enthusiasts and those who appreciate the art of genre-blurring, SAM is a must-listen.For now, get familiar with Zzz. here at KAZI Magazine. Press play on his latest popular project below. Lastly, let us know your thoughts in the comments!




23 May, 2024

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