Yung Bleu releasing a new EP: “No, I’m Not Ok.”

Yung Bleu is an artist who recently managed to stir quite a buzz around his music.

He seemingly took the rap scene by storm with some incredibly executed tracks, and he is ready to go at it again with a spanking new studio EP, “No, I’m Not Ok.”

On his previous full-length album, Yung Bleu managed to strike gold by collaborating with some of the hottest artists. His songs on that record feature contribution by the likes of Drake, Gunna, Chris Brown, Kehlani, and Kodak Black. However, this new release feels more focused on the artist’s main vision and flow. In fact, there is only a single collaboration on the track “Family Feud.” Which features Monica, the iconic R&B singer. As a result of the minimal involvement from big-name collaborations. It feels like this is a more personal EP to Yung Bleu, who really gets to branch out and showcase his versatility, stepping his lyrical game and giving the audience something special to look forward to.

Now in his late 20s, this artist has released one of his most daring efforts to date. It kicks off with a bold statement. The title track has some catchy acoustic melodies and sweet vocal melodies. Tipping the hat off to artists such as T Pain or the late great Juice WRLD, only to name a few. The mix of trap and modern R&B is truly exciting, and the introduction to this EP couldn’t have been catchier. The collaboration with Monica, “Family Feud,” is hitting the mark in terms of performance and production alike. The groove has a mellow, deeper sound. Which makes the music more immersive, and perfectly fits the context of the lyrics.

Find out more about Yung Bleu, and do not pass up on “No, I’m Not Ok,” which is currently available online.

written by laserlife

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