XION MCKNIGHT, an Atlanta musician, is back and better than ever with his latest video for “GLORY.” He’s someone who is constantly wanting to improve himself and demonstrate what he is capable of to the rest of the world. XION MCKNIGHT stated that his ultimate objective with music is to inspire others to follow their ambitions.

“To encourage those who can accomplish anything.” “It means a lot to me.”

– Xion

XION MCKNIGHT gets introspective on his new song “GLORY,” illustrating why he began a music career in the first place and announcing his determination to continue doing so in the future. His music is dark but energetic, which he claims reflects his overall outlook on life. In the video/song, he raps over a melodic but hard-hitting rhythm. To match the song’s lyrics, the video was shot over the course of a day in a field with 18-wheelers.

Kanye West, Saint Jhn, RMR, Travis Scott, and pretty much any Atlanta rapper are among his main musical inspirations. Moreover, XION is a musician that is always pushing the narrative and forging his own path in music. Truthfully, it’s clear to see where he draws his creative inspiration. His video for “GLORY” just adds to his ability to enthrall listeners with his storytelling skills and constancy in producing music.

His potential is clear, and you should keep an eye on him because of his consistency and ability to stay creative, which helps him stand out from the crowd.

Check out the “GLORY” music video below.

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