Virginia Beaches Own Tea Sea A Name To Mention

Born in Virginia Beach, Tea Sea an independent artist whose name has been up in conversations about being the next big thing in the Hip Hop industry. Getting his inspiration from rap alias The ambitious rapper clearly showed that he has the hunger, bars, and vibe of up to the mark music, for this has been the case ever since. With the motivation, this would turn his craft into something marketable, making his name a worldwide brand. Because he grew up surrounded by rhythms of music, created his own sound that blended the elements of Hip Hop with creating that fun and festive vibe. With this current progress, Tea Sea has a bright future ahead

Tea Sea is quickly making a name for himself in the music industry. It only makes sense that soon enough, Tea Sea is going to break through the ceiling with his vibe. The fast-rising star takes himself and music career much more seriously these days and has managed to amass a devoted following that eagerly awaits his next release. 

Dropping July 1st 2022.

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