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Zac Chase debuts artistic visual for “Talk To Me”

Nowadays, with video budgets being much lower than the early 2000’s, you often get very half-hearted efforts showing off cars, money, and women. For artists, they see it as working within their means and it’s respectable. I am always impressed by an artist who can put together something conceptual and creative despite clearly not pouring millions into the treatment. That is “Talk To Me” by Zac Chase.

The Atlanta backpacker shows off his quirky personality, his artistic mind, and the fact he plays chess to get with these women. Double entendre, he’s playing mind games by playing a game predicated on mind games. This kid is deep.

He dances around, flashes the beloved Chick-Fil-A bag, and shaves all while delivering bar after bar. I’ve enjoyed this track for a while, but the cadence switch in the second verse still blew me away. The visual highlight may just be the editing done by Pete Gottschalk. Again, it goes to show you don’t need a fancy island and yachts for videos or you don’t have to stand in a group smoking blunts. Some simple words across the screen and graphics aligning with an artist’s movements can make things just as special.

I like this kid’s energy. I like his attention to detail being spread evenly between the music and visuals. Nothing felt rushed or unbalanced. Chase has another single “Concentrate” he recently released that solidified for me he’s got strong potential with the music. Simply because he is comfortable being himself to the fullest. Check out the video for “Talk To Me” and use ya brain.

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