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YBN Cordae And Chance The Rapper Drop “Bad Idea”

YBN Cordae And Chance The Rapper Embody Teenage Spirit On Bad Idea

Rising superstar emcee YBN Cordae has had quite the come up the past few years. Meeting up with YBN affiliate Nahmir and Almighty Jay, multiple hits, a video with Dr. Dre, and much more amazing content. He is even on tour, and I remember him before his blow up, when he was a upcoming artist in Maryland. It’s very inspirational to see. His come up is the premise of Bad Idea.

With a debut mainstream album (The Lost Boy) on the way, Cordae teams up with Chance The Rapper on single Bad Idea. Two things, first it embodies the essence of the youthful struggle wear Cordae elaborates on his come up as a African American youth. You get a sense of agreeableness when you listen to Cordae talk about issues a lot of millennial youth goes through. It’s beautiful in how simple but complex of a message the song gives off. It’s a natural fear of leaving where you came from but Cordae and Chance words of accepting new horizons makes this challenge easier to take on.

The Vibe On Bad Idea Is Everything

The second thing, the vibe of the song is amazing. It gives of a late 2000’s-early 2010 feel with a mellow classical hip hop beat, and Chance’s hook sounding similar to his sound on 10 Day. Bad Idea calming, relaxing, moving, and motivational all at the same time. It’s true beauty in a track when a song eludes duality but it’s easy to listen too. It’s a fine preview to The Lost Boy, and it should build nothing but excitement for the young stars upcoming project.

He has even dropped a video for the single. The video stars him showcases different levels of the youthful struggle while a family has a good time in the back. It’s a perfect parallel to leaving home to achieve your dreams. While your family or your loved ones will be at home, it’s up to you to achieve your goals no matter the struggle you face, and the video is created masterfully. Chance makes a appearance in the video as well.

YBN Cordae
What a good time YBN Cordae and Chance must be having during the video shoot for Bad Idea!

View The Video For Bad Idea Here

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