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Trent the HOOLiGAN Releases Video for “Life Alert”

A single inventive music video shot can capture viewers for minutes on end. Inversely, a bland, generic one can lead once-potential fans to close out of a window quicker than an adult entertainment website pop-up. Trent the HOOLiGAN‘s new video for “Life Alert,” following the track’s release on Friday, proves that he knows this. Dull visuals are not in his repertoire.

Trent the HOOLiGAN let me know his favorite music videos of all time are “B.O.B” by Outkast, “She” by Tyler, The Creator, and “Alright” by Kendrick Lamar. Before I even asked him about his visual influences, I knew that Kendrick would be included. Anyone familiar with the Compton rapper’s video for “HUMBLE.” will be happy to see its creative impact on Trent. Remember that shot of Kendrick biking around the tiny world? Upgrade the bicycle to a car, and swap him out for a shirtless (yet seatbelted) Trent, and you’re looking at one of the eye-popping angles that director Kosmic Shots can pull off.

“My favorite part [of the video production process] is the shooting,” he tells me. “Although it is equally as stressful as it is fun.” I can imagine some complications securing a school bus and perfecting the fisheye perspectives. However, it’s evident Trent adds zest to the set. He shares a variety of facial expressions with the camera to flush any stress out.

Watch the video for “Life Alert,” and stick Trent the HOOLiGAN on your watch list. This guy knows how to harness his influences, and takes pride in doing so.

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