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THOMAS conveying his underground level of stress



A screaming artist demands attention. To some, shouting foolishly strains the vocal cords. But to others, like New York City’s THOMAS with his newest “FUCKBOYON10”, it serves as a necessary release. The accompanying music video appropriately conveys the track’s underground level of stress.

Director RUBIHNDZ matches anonymous yet menacing black and white city backdrops with Kashaka production and gritty vocals to deliver a product with very high replay value. The rawly expressive THOMAS explains the track is about “transmuting all negative, all temptations, all demons, and releasing into your highest self. It’s an anthem for the lost in aggression and rage due to circumstances [you] have no control over.”

What part of the “FUCKBOYON10” visual compels you to agree with that sentiment most? Is it the vocalist’s barbaric headbanging? Or maybe his ghoul-like stretching of his eye-lids? Does anything signify being lost in aggression more than the immolation of American currency?

Clearly, this is the type of song you want to wreak havoc to. You pace around your room and punch holes in your walls to the opening chorus, but find that you’ve converted your anger into a hundred pushups by the end of the verse. THOMAS has the courageously unapologetic sound that could achieve a cult following in the coming years. You won’t want to miss that. Check out the new video , and stay tuned for his upcoming third mixtape “FLOOR 11.”

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