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Rene Bonét Releases New Visual “Shawdy”

Rene Bonét

Rene Bonét is back with a strong new dope record. The singer-songwriter lures us in again with intimate lyrics and tantalizing vocals on her latest release, “Shawdy.” Rene Bonét is known for giving us classic R&B songs from the heart that everyone has grown to appreciate. Most recognized by her signature red hair and freckles, Atlanta’s newest songstress is making hearts melt. Relating to all people who commit to the one they love no matter what. When we hear music from Rene, we are thrown back to the days where you had your first crush.

The love felt was so special because it was brand new. We often lose those feelings shortly after; you feel you remain forever in a time capsule after listening to one of her songs. Her vocal tone has just the right amount of beauty and the right amount of grit to take you through an emotional experience that will have you singing along to the song after hearing it only a few times.

Rene Bonét shared with us that all her songs contain stories or experiences that are close to her. Whether she went through them herself or someone she knew, every word and note carries an authentic feeling. Moreover, the Atlanta artist expresses how important she feels for an artist to play a part in the writing process. “I write all of my music because it resonates with me the most that way. Moreover, if it resonates with me, then I know it will resonate with someone else, even if it is only one person that the song connects with, I’m okay with that, because it means the song served its purpose”.

Now, with her latest release, “Shawdy,” she links with longtime collaborator Weku Did That to bring us a stunning ballad and visual that is nuance and timeless. We see a classic representation of the girl next door, sweet but sexy, giving just enough for the viewers and listeners to want more. This artist is making her mark on the R&B scene. Lastly, we look forward to hearing more from Rene Bonét soon.

Check out the track “Shawdy” here!

Outside of production, djing, and engineering, Baraka is a recognized author having crafted a manuscript dedicated to budding independent musicians entitled Incremental Progression of a Music Brand. More of his musings can be found at

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