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Pooh Shiesty, Foogiano and Big Scarr Shine in “SoIcyBoyz”

Pooh Sheisty, Foogiano, and Big Scarr are up and coming artists under Gucci Mane’s label 1017. 1017 is developing a signature sound, feel, and look that is all its own.

The 1017 sound uses the traditional characteristics of a southern beat: high pitch instrumental melody with a heavy baseline. However, instead of the traditional piano sound on tracks like SolcyBoyz“, 1017 is using a Spanish guitar to set the melody. Using this instrument creates a deeper sound that blends perfectly with the voices and accents of the rappers on the track.

With deeper sounding beats combine with simple, wide shot videos 1017 is making movies with its new artists. 1017 has become an experience and a vision directed and inspired by Gucci Mane. SolcyBoyzfeatures Pooh Sheisty, Foogiano, and Big Scarr. Each artist brings their own vibe and sound to the track. Pooh Sheisty blends his bars together in a similar style to Gucci Mane. Foogiano has a melodic up and downflow that is his own, rather than a clone flow of other artists. He has longer bars than most other artists that use the up and down flow style from down south. This allows him to fit more lyrical content and wordplay into a small timeframe. Big Scarr has a more classic, solid southern flow similar to Lil Flip and Paul Wall. He uses long, storytelling bars.

Watch “SolcyBoyz” below.

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