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Nafets Calmly Releases “Hooped” Visual

Is your ‘quarantine playlist’ becoming redundant after another March of isolation drags along? Allow Nafets to grab your attention for a moment. The Maryland/Los Angeles creative initially released “Hooped” in August of 2020. But the impending return of warm weather called for a strikingly colorful music video.

Animated by Step3, “Hooped” brings us into Nafets’s mirror-like repetitive neighborhood with constant perspective swivels. Imagine the neighborhood in the live action The Cat in the Hat, except a little less terrifying and a little more welcoming. I have a feeling the room depicted resembles the artist’s own.

Assuredly, Nafets walks us through his thoughts. His character reclines on the couch, floor, and other possibly comfortable surfaces, half-bored yet half-eager to change the world. Infectious high-noted choruses bookend conversation-level verses. Eventually, the scene turns abstract and otherworldly, but Nafets knows the song needs concluding on Earth.

“Why is it the right time’s always in the wrong place?,” Both the song’s lyrics and Zach Ezzy‘s production with Adam Krevlin appear propelled by this line in the hook. We’ve all come to ponder this question, especially during the past twelve months. Sonically, Nafets offers you a seat in a room of such inquisition; it’s a comfortable one.

“Hooped” belongs in your ears while you stare at the ceiling above your bed, questioning the productivity of your weekend. Nafets creates great brainstorming music, so allow him to introduce himself through this visual. Subsequently, you should reward yourself with a dive into the depths of his discography. Have a good month.

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