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Morelifedad Release Self Love Album


Morelifedad and Aw$ome swiftly rose to the top of the all music scene early this year 2021. He did this by racking up support from famous fans such as Lil Baby, Young Thug, DaBabyGunna. Furthermore, the support from younger brother Hall Jr 2026 helped Morelifedad with his delivery. He released his first official album, Self Love, on June 5th, 2021, followed by Aw$ome hit single “Brave Talk” ft Hall Jr 2026, which Morelifedad produce the record on Hall Jr 2026 album, Victim of Circumstance.

Morelifedad recently released his first album “Self Love” and have caught alot of attention from the Atlanta music scene. The album consist of 4 records titled as Long Journey3:37 AmSaint Laurent, and Floyd Mayweather. If we was going off the numbers clearly the track 3:37 Am is gain alot of momentum from the project.

Morelifedad is ready to come up!

Born Tonian Brown, he was raised in Augusta Ga on the southside. He started early in the rap game, writing with his older brother Aw$ome, on early tracks such as “Going Crazy,” an Atlanta club favorite. The pair would record their music at home and, when Morelifedad was kicked out of high school, he decided to pursue music full-time, soon committing to face tattoos but the most popular on that most people see first is under his left eye that says Love. After Aw$ome (rapper) appearing on 2020’s Victim of Circumstance Album, he released Blood Sweat & Tears the following year. He signed with 2026 Music Group Records for the release of his upcoming album releases this Fall of 2021.

Morelifedad has a passion for media and is much more than just a music artist. Tonian Brown’s media company Daily Mumble has getting a lot of support from upcoming Atlanta artists titled as Daily Mumble. Daily Mumble is a media company that writes on topics such as Popular Culture, Trending artists, Hip hop News and covers interviews of selected artists known as noted rappers.

Peep his video today!

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