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Donte Thomas


Donte Thomas Evades Fruit in “PERIWINKLE”

What’s the craziest dream you’ve ever had? To be clear, I don’t mean a dream job or an earned accolade. I mean the kind of dream (or nightmare) in which your biggest fears chase you through the woods. You might not remember them when you wake up, but Donte Thomas does. Lions, tigers, bears, or record label executives don’t appear in his dreams, though. Donte runs from anthropomorphized fruits.

The Portland rapper released his new video for “PERIWINKLE” after the track rounded out the deluxe version of his newest album COLORS. Tim Slew of Soundlapse shoots a fine complement to the Dontã-produced song. Since music videos are always better with friends, Donte typecasts members of local collective Produce Organics as his pursuing fruits. Amazingly, Donte doesn’t run out of breath during the chase or either of his verses.

The catchy chorus’s melody pairs well with the rapid-fire rapping. The vast, mountainous backdrop of Powell Butte Park is a breath of fresh air from typical hip-hop visuals.

If you like songs getting stuck in your head at first listen, check out the video below. And If you live anywhere near Portland, don’t be alarmed if you see a banana, a watermelon, and a bunch grapes walking down the street. That’s just Donte Thomas and his crew of dreamers.

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