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Bronx Artist, Young Bhippy Pulls Up In The New “Late Night” Video

Get to know upcoming Bronx artist, Young Bhippy. The 27 year-old emcee, who co-directs all his visuals, explains what inspired his new single, “Late Night”. He discussed how he stays motivated to remain consistent as an independent artist from New York.

“New York isn’t a easy crowd, if your not grounded and focused you can easily give up and lose that momentum. I advise artist to keep your main supporters around you. You will be surprised how the smallest things keep you going.”

Young Bhippy has been creating a buzz for himself by performing at SOBs to shutting down local showcases in New York City. Bhippy briefly explained why he makes music,

“I use music as a tool to express myself. Music brings society together and it helps us to understand people and the culture from all different aspects. In the Late Night video, I wanted to a share a little of my point of view.”

Produced by Dizzy Banko and Ziggyonthekeyboard and directed by Otis Andrew, this track also features another upcoming Bronx emcee, Rich Pronto. Rich elaborated on why this feature was important to him. 

“I love making relatable music for myself and others. People can understand more about you through your songs. It tells real life stories.”  

Rich and Bhippy linked up on a cold late night and began to create this trippy record. After putting their ideas together they formed a creative process that executed the entire vision.  With a catchy hook and relatable lyrics they shaped a dope concept for this video. Young Bhippy and Rich Fronto effortlessly set the bar for what’s to come. 

Check out the new visuals here! 

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