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A$AP TyY Talks The Harlem Hustle, New Partnership, “100 Rounds” & more

A different Harlem story is told through the rhymes and lifestyle of rapper, A$AP TyY! His unique narrative has all of the hustle, spirit, and triumph over struggles you hear about in the borough. Yet, he’s not your average because there’s a lot more to it than that. Recently, A$AP TyY, a member of the A$AP Mob collective, released the visuals for his latest single, “100 Rounds” via AWAL

In conjunction with his hot new release, A$AP TyY has been named the face of Australian streetwear company Ksubi’s first gold jewelry line, “KSUBI GOLD.” TyY is heavily featured in the brand’s campaign imagery. In addition to delivering the soundtrack for the official campaign video with “100 Rounds,” as part of the newly created collaboration.


In fact, as a longtime fan of KSUBI and a frequent visitor to their Greene Street store in NYC, the collaboration was a natural fit for him. Working alongside Ksubi Creative Director Brad Triffitt, the pair really brought the campaign and visuals to life. TyY is depicted in a high-octane heist of the new Ksubi Gold line, where he flexes his love and skill for quad biking as he escapes the scene through the streets of Harlem and New York City. Also, the Harlem rapper is seen riding through the city with his motorbike gang executing tricks. While spitting his turnt up rhymes in the accompanying visualizer.

A$AP TyY “100 Rounds” Cover Art


Furthermore, his new trendy track “100 Rounds” follows TyY’s return to music earlier this summer with his emotive track “1990.” The “1990” record was written and recorded during the pandemic, musing the past and present. As well as expressing the narrative of what it’s like to have your world shatter around you and turning your focus on rebuilding.

Keeping his streak alive with a new release, he loaded up “100 Rounds” and let loose on this campaign. Attacking it head-on with his brand new hard-hitting track. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the visual below and press play! Let us know what you think! 


He quietly developed into a diverse and dynamic force that can’t be reckoned with, who is equally at home on an ATV as he is on the mic. In 2015, he produced a couple of bangers with the late A$AP Yams like “O Well” and “Chamber Lock.” Then he went on to release his Best Kept Secret mixtape in 2016. Keeping up the momentum, TyY followed up his mixtape with his 2018 Troubles of the World project. In addition, he contributed his talents to chart-topping albums like A$AP Mob’s Cozy Tapes Vol. 2: Too Cozy, which debuted at #6 on the Billboard Top 200.


Staying busy in between releases, he headlined packed shows on three continents, touring the U.S., China, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and Europe. Additionally, he staged an art exhibit and cemented his reputation as a style icon. Offering everything from a google collaboration with KidSuper to opening Shanghai Fashion Week 2019 in his debut runway appearance for INXX. Taking over the fashion industry all of 2019, he was also featured walking in New York Fashion Week 2019 for Woo Lee Studios. The year prior he collaborated with Guntas, a Milan-based designer, for a line that was shown in the Guntas Spring 2018 collection.

Always bringing the Harlem hustle, A$AP TyY is the latest artist to emerge from the illustrious Harlem collective. He’s bringing grit and hard-hitting rap sounds back to the Big Apple. As a result, A$AP TyY has been praised by renowned staples within the industry by the likes of Hypebeast, Complex, HotNewHipHop, and others along his career.


Fast forward to now and us here at KAZI Magazine had the pleasure of speaking with the heavyweight rhymer. Take a look at our interview below and stay tuned for more music and news on A$AP TyY! 

  • Hey! Thank you so for taking the time out to interview w| me and KAZI Magazine! Let’s jump into our interview to talk about your trendy new campaign track, “100 Rounds”, your artistry, what’s next, and more. First, Please tell us a little more about who A$AP TyY is and where it all began! 

First and foremost, my name is is A$AP TyY. It all began from a block on 134th Street where my family was raised at. I got moved to the projects on the east side, which is Johnson projects. That’s when I kind of like, had my upbringing… My upbringing with the streets and all of the things I had got into from that place on and that’s kind of like the journey of where it all started from growing up in Spanish Harlem.

– A$AP TyY
  • First, what was your experience like working with the late, great A$AP Yams early on in your career with “O Well” and “Chamber Lock”? 

“I mean, the spirit was was amazing. It actually was me having the time to actually have a point of my life where I could let him hear some of the music that I had. He actually already knew that I was trying to move into this direction. To actually have that type of a moment with him was just was overwhelming because we just had a conversation over the phone about how I was trying to get myself on track. I was telling him I was serious about being a rapper. Then, to see how everything transpired and aspired to now, is just like just a guardian angel over me right now guiding the way.

– A$AP TyY


  • WOW. That is beautiful. He surely is, he would be very proud. I love how much you put on for your city, Harlem! You include your hometown in your visuals, it’s heard in the grit in your voice and more. Would you say Harlem artists have their own distinctive sound and way they navigate through the industry? 

“I think I definitely agree with this. I think like Harlem and I will say New York City is really kind of the birthplace of a lot of different situations. So I guess I don’t know if it’s more or less the confidence that we come in or the way we carry ourselves but we just feel like whatever lane and no matter it is, we are going to be ourselves. I feel like we’re so comfortable with being ourselves that it doesn’t matter what room we are in we are going to be accepted and respected.

That’s that’s the best way to put it. Our confidence makes us feel like we can just be accepted in any room because we are the creators in a sense. For example, of hip hop, fashion, and a bunch of other categories. So I guess we just have that whether it’s the pioneers whether it’s our great grandfathers who obviously kind of paved the way. But also because we just always had that demeanor where we can take over the whole room.”

– A$AP TyY


  • Since your 2016 debut mixtape, Best Kept Secret followed up by your 2018 Troubles of the World, how would you say they differ from your forthcoming project

“I will say you can definitely hear the maturity. More me kind of like mapping out my crowd and trying to see where I fit in a lot of things. More or less me just experimenting with myself and seeing where I can take this rap career in a sense. Doing so, I was getting a lot of good feedback. So just kind of developed me to kind of just believe in myself more and and take it to the next level. I guess now I’m just kind of like, resonating where I feel I fit at. Finding out my comfortability – some of my songs and some of the tracks and some of the things that I’m doing. With these last bit of projects I’ve been doing recently, you could definitely hear that I kind of found myself where I feel most comfortable at and with.”

– A$AP TyY


  • Earlier this summer you dropped off your record “1990” which was a bop! You spoke on your experience with COVID on the track, do you think more artists will come out with tracks speaking and focusing on the pandemic and its effects? 

I definitely feel a lot of artists are definitely shedding light to it, I guess it would be so much of a depressing stage that more artists not just definitely trying to forget it, but just probably just trying to get over it. And just hoping things come back to normal in a sense. So I don’t think that there’s some things that artists ignored.

I just think it’s a touchy topic where it’s like, people was just trying to figure out how we can get things back to normal within itself. I don’t think artists is trying to ignore it, because I definitely heard a lot of artists trying to tap into that idea. But it’s not it’s something that people are just trying to not necessarily get over, but just hoping for the better. And hopefully, we all can get over this pandemic.”

– A$AP TyY


  • What’s your creative process like? What are your studio necessities? 

“Most of my music is kind of made off certain vibes. It depends on the situation. Sometimes songs I go into kind of a little premeditated. I usually have so much stuff going on that I feel like I have a lot of stuff built up. So sometimes it’s easy for me to just pour it out when I’m in the right state of mind and around the right situation. So most of my my music is off vibes.

I make my music right on the spot. I might jot down a couple of new ideas that I’m trying to get across, but it’s more or less going off of pure energy. I’m just feeling how I’m feeling. That’s why majority of them start off like freestyles in a sense until I come up with like a certain idea. Or maybe I’ll come up with the hook first, then I’ll jot down some information about how I feel, how I want to be on the track or something like that. But majority of it is just going within how I feel in that state of mind in that time. That’s why I like to make music based off certain feelings because it gets it gets a different offer a different aura.”

– A$AP TyY


  • Now you’re back with your latest single making for a great follow up paired with the campaign. Speaking on the pandemic – would you say the lockdown was beneficial or difficult for creators and artists? 

“I can say it’s two ways you can kind of look at it. In a sense, it could have been difficult or than again it could have been for the great. I think it depends on how and the way you could have looked at it. Sometimes for certain artists, there’s a lot of artists who’ve been doing so many things and so much stuff back and forth on the road, some artists actually felt great. It was kind of a break from things for some. They were probably tired from doing this for 5-10 years straight. They may have waited for this moment and wish they can have a break like this. While for some artists it felt like they had a breather, but with me it was a yin and yang – I felt.


Obviously, it hurt me because I felt like I couldn’t travel and be around the fans that I wanted to be around. Or be around the people that I wanted to be around as far as me being an international artist. It kind of slowed a lot of things that I looked forward to down. I looked forward to going to like China, Australia, Africa, Italy, and London. Along with all of these other places all over the world. It was a stress reliever in a sense to get out of certain places and go visit other ethnicities, other food, and other people all over the world.

But on the flip side, I definitely had more time to tap into myself and see who I was. I went back to the roots of what I did that got me to where I am today. So when the pandemic came, it was like “Damn. Well, this is not working. What did I do that got me to this to this place or what can I do to elevate.” So I tapped into my old roots. I started painting and getting back on my bike. Also started doing the normal things that I wasn’t doing when I was obviously being a rapper. It made me get back into my inner self.”

– A$AP TyY


  • Also, now that outside is opening back up, what are you most excited about? 

“I’m definitely excited about traveling and eating different foods and being around different coaches. I definitely miss those type of things. So being that things slowed up, I mean things are opening up now but I miss how freely it was. To just be around different people and understand different cultures and learn more. The pandemic opened up my eyes. It helped me navigate through my own life. For instance being in certain places where a lot of people are less fortunate… It can humble you and a lot of situations. I’m saying be appreciative more so as for a lot of things – me traveling was a stress reliever that I didn’t really have in a while.”

– A$AP TyY


  • As an emcee, rappers always have a particular record they love to perform that really sets the tone. What’s your go-to track to perform?

“I’ll say my Trump Song. The song called “Trump”. That would be my go to song. Because I feel like everybody could relate to the lyrics and about what I’m saying in the song and I could just phrase one of them like … I had a dream that I robbed Donald Trump. Oh, it was a dream… I felt like that was one of the most tracks that no matter what place in the world I was in or what stage I was on – if I played that everybody could relate to it. Even if I was saying 123 f*ck Donald Trump, people would start chanting and sh*t like that.”

– A$AP TyY
  • Congratulations on being named the face of Australian street wear jewelry line “KSUBI GOLD”! What was that experience like? 

“It was just overwhelming. I just felt like it was just perfect timing for me. It was kind of like I could have thought it was over. But this could be the best situation. Look at on the bright side. Look at what you are accomplishing in a situation where the world is in shambles. You know what I’m saying, it’s just crazy.”

– A$AP TyY

“100 ROUNDS”

  • Additionally, your most recent release, “100 Rounds” is the lead single for your new partnership campaign. What inspired the record and how long did it take to curate? 

“Oh damn to be honest with you…we were already gearing up for this to be like a crazy album. We already kind of went into this whole project as if it was going to be an album. I’ve got to say it probably took under two weeks. Maybe. If that. I think it was just with the momentum we were going at with each other. Day to day we just knocking out tracks, tracks, and tracks. So when I came over and happened to send all this music to them to let them hear they were just intrigued by it. They said we will be running with this project and it was just history from there. That’s that’s how it started and for “100 rounds”, We we probably probably spent maybe three hours to five hours on that song.”

– A$AP TyY


  • Next, will you be releasing more music that coincides with your new partnership along with singles and new projects? 

“OH, it is definitely going to be some more dope visuals that will probably tie into this. This is just a sneak peek of me tapping in to a lot of my talents that I have that the world have never seen yet. This year and in the following years, we want to definitely bring the people into my world and see it from my perspective. I’ve been so not necessarily chilled, just laid back.

But now I feel like I’m to a point where it’s like, Alright, now, I’m gonna let people know what I got going on or what I’m really like. I feel like I’m ready. Not to say I wasn’t ready before, but it’s like, I had to take a step back into finding myself to know that this is the job I feel I want for me and this is what I feel my purpose in life is.”

– A$AP TyY


  • Most definitely! Well I know myself and the fans look forward to see what’s in the vault. Keeping the A$AP Mob mentality, you’re tapped into music, fashion and more! Would you say expanding your niche was the best thing for your music career? Or would you say it pulls you away from the music? 

“I think it determines on you as a person and how the person foresee the situation. I would think that it depends on what you feel you can handle or what you feel is good enough for you I think that’s all somebody’s perspective. Like you know I’m saying if you feel you can be a basketball play and you can be a rapper and then you want to go be a painter that’s your business like and if you feel you can handle that and do what you got to do with all different talents then that’s up to you.

I think everybody has their ways into the gateway. For instance, I could have came on rapping but it probably would have never worked for me. Since, I came to the game as a bike rider, it’s like I came from a different twist and then went to a different turn if that makes sense. I built up so much fan base through the bikes that they were like yeah all right well we can hear if you rap we got enough people that’s watching you ride bikes why not hear him rap… but if I probably would have came on as a rapper it probably would have never been the same aesthetic. Like how I did riding bikes you get what I’m trying to say? Everybody’s way in is different.”

– A$AP TyY


  • Lastly, as you continue paving the way for today’s artists through music and fashion, what is your goal?

“Aspiring the youth — aspiring people. I feel like giving people an outlet that you can make it on. No matter or whatever it is you’re trying to do. I feel you can be your own boss in whatever it is. I feel there’s a lane for whatever you feel you put your mind to. You can seek out whatever you want to be. While seeing results out of it if you really focus your mind to it. The universe will really navigate you through. You know what I’m saying? I didn’t come from a great background. It’s the best you make of things is what I’m trying to say. We all got problems and demons we are fighting but it’s how you make the best of it.


  • Exactly! Well said. I couldn’t agree more or have said it better. Before we wrap up, what’s next for A$AP TyY? 

“You can expect more of me. Expect more excitement. Maybe you could expect movies. you could be expecting art sales. You could be expecting a clothing line. You could be expecting me climbing Mount Everest to me bungee jumping out of plane. Lol. But nah, forreal, you can expect a lot of things. Just expect fun and positive energy.

There’s a lot of great things in store. Also, I’m doing a give away soon. Expect a lot of great music expect me really letting the world know who I am as a person. Expect that — expect me tapping into myself. Seeing the impact that I do make on the world. You’ll see me talking to whoever else in the world aspiring whoever else in the world. No matter what they do or wherever they go. It doesn’t matter if it’s the ice lady or a guy on Wall Street. It doesn’t matter.”

– A$AP TyY

That’s amazing! We love to hear it. Thank you so much again for chopping it up with myself for KAZI Magazine today! Stay blessed!


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