Swav6: Re-Emerging as a Force in the Drill Music Scene

Swav6, formerly known as Young $wav, has made a comeback on the drill music scene with two successful songs. His first release, “The Greatest,” featured a smooth flow and a sample of a NY-style drill beat produced by up-and-coming producer WAR.

His latest release, “Don’t Play,” has a catchy sound and is quickly gaining popularity on YouTube. Swav6 has proven to be versatile and has connections with well-known musicians and hip-hop legends. He is not only an artist, but also an entrepreneur with multiple business ventures. He took a break from releasing music to focus on building his businesses and brand before returning to full-time music. Check out his latest video on YouTube and stay tuned for his next release.

“Don’t Play” Official Music Video

Instagram: @Swav6

Twitter: @Swav6ever

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