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Zavy’s New Single “Rain” Is A Hit!

Photo by @aaronmbarnett

Heavenly, bright and melodic, “Rain” is a gorgeous come-up anthem for the ages. It’s angelic and smooth, relaxing like a late night walk on the boardwalk at the beach and Zavy’s voice is soft, sweet and refreshing even as he sings a chorus that’s about as cliche as they come: “We gon make it rain rain rain on a bitch”. This record’s hook makes it a perfect ballad for strippers rolling in dollars at the club and a great ode to the hustlers as well as Zavy talks about his own tenacious grind through lines like “They ain’t believe me when I was down so it’s fuck them when they’re not around I got to get it no laying down” scolding his doubters who deterred him when he was at his lowest points furiously pursuing his dreams. This exciting new single has the attributes of a radio smash as Zavy has the silky smooth vocals of a hitmaker in the making and the production on this song is nothing short of divine.

Listen to “Rain” below.

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