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Will Diaz Drops New Single “FaceTime”

At a young age of only 19 years old is Will Diaz coming out of Queens, New York. He’s here to demonstrate that he not only has the potential but the confidence needed in this game to take him to the next level. Keeping an open mind when it comes to creativity with his approach in the selection of beats and melodies, sets him apart as one of the best new artists stepping out of NY. Now, he’s here with his brand new single titled, “FaceTime“!

Will Diaz Is Stepping Out Of Queens

Will’s versatility is unmatched. No matter the genre — rap, dance hall, Latin trap elements and more, he can hop on the track and make it a hit record. His music blurs the boundaries between pop, hiphop, and R&B. With each new release, he has created his own sound and has been growing as an artist. 

New York as a whole has seen the rap music culture shift tremendously. From the lyrical and punk elements of the early and mid-2000 period into a more melodic age. By incorporating different genres into his sound, Will doesn’t adhere to any particular style. By utilizing an array of sound types, he sets himself apart from being compared. 

On The “FaceTime”

In comparison to his previous releases, Will’s latest single, “FaceTime,” showcases rich sounds, soothing vocals riding the mellow beat. Will recently had his previous hit single titled, “New Level” on Spotify’s Fresh Finds: Hip-Hop playlist for over two months and the streams continue to climb. Will’s brand new single titled, “FaceTime” has tons of potential if not more than his last record and is growing rapidly. Don’t miss out on this new bop, creating an uplifting segway into the new year. 

Give “FaceTime” a spin on KAZI Magazine and let us know what you think! 


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