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The Homies look to run up their bank accounts in new single

The weather is warmer, but the bag chase never ends. Louisville’s own The Homies sound as motivated as ever in new single “Mo Zeros.” The opening of the song is very in-your-face, almost sounding like the background music for an action-packed bank heist in a film.

Though things sound frantic, the boys are locked in lyrically. Animated voices and the overall aura makes me envision them in the studio going crazy in the making of this. Though they talk their shit relentlessly, their bars are simultaneously playful and humorous. Seems like them Kentucky boys know how to have a good time while also getting the work done.

They’re in it for the love, but what’s a couple million dollars along the way right? The Homies, made up of Quiiso, Shloob, Ace Pro, 2forwOyNE and Ronnie Lucciano have been on a tear since the 2018 release The Umbrella. Getting their start several years ago as a group of friends, which includes bubbling star Jack Harlow, they’ve shown their range with the Harlow-featuring “Leaf Wraps,” “On Gawd” and more recently “Phone Booth.”

Tap into “Mo Zeros,” some perfectly-timed music for when your direct deposits hit tomorrow.

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