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Tennisboywill Drops Debut Single “He Said She Said”

Montclair, New Jersey’s Tennisboywill just released his new track, “He Said She Said”. In the song, he reflects on social media’s effect on relationships. “He said, she said that she trying to f*ck” the rapper spits on the hook. He points out how girls & guys tell their friends that they want to hook up with someone rather than just saying it to them.

Tennisboywill is an 18 year old Montclair High graduate skate boarder and rapper. He began skateboarding at 11 with his friends and found a passion for the freedom of expression that came with it. He first started making music at 14 with best friend, producer and engineer Jake Weinberg.

With an extreme passion for music, Will skipped High School parties to perfect his craft in the studio. He began playing local shows in Jersey and made his debut performance at his town’s laundromat. Will drew more than 100 people to the show, setting the tone for his community influence and energetic live shows.

While based in hip-hop, a diverse array of genres influence Tennisboywill’s music and content. The young rapper took inspiration from the the melodies and songwriting of Soul and R&B tracks he grew up listening to, and studied his favorite rappers, Tyler the Creator and Travis Scott.

Having recently graduated high school and with a long resume of songs, skateboarding videos, music videos, and performances behind him, Will is gearing up to release his debut album, TEENS with a 6-track prelude EP Pre-Teens, set to drop this fall 2019.

While he sets up for the release of his debut album and its follow up project, listen to “He Said She Said”, available to stream on SoundCloud! Check it out below!

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Tee Bundy is founder of Diamond KUT LLC is a CEO, Blogger, Content and playlist creator from Harlem NY.

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