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Summer Walker and Chris Brown link for “Something Real”

This collaboration makes perfect sense if you really think about it. Relationship aside, Summer Walker embraces her freedom as a woman. Chris Brown does what he wants when he wants regardless of who it affects. “Something Real”, produced by LondonOnDaTrack, has an old school bounce but their diction is very much so modern.

“My last nigga was a bitch nigga, I need a nigga with ’bout six figures.” What is it about Summer and her opening lines?!? Where some feel like they’re dragging men for the aesthetic, the LVRN songstress does it for sport. To be able to enjoy her music despite how she breaks down the male psyche is to be a progressive male.

Though she falls into the new age of R&B, she glides over this classic-feeling beat effortlessly. Vocally and her placement within specific pockets. It’s a sing-along you can enjoy mindlessly, but also emotionally embrace at a deeper level.

Breezy’s R&B catalog speaks for itself, especially as it relates to stealing the show as a guest. He shares the limelight with Ms. Walker but surely gets his shit off. “I’m tryna put that wrist underwater, girl I might just give you a daughter.” That’s real love. London closes off with an awe-inspiring piano run, and we’re left wanting more Summer and CB collabs alongside the producer.

Things here feel very synergetic between the two, especially when they tag-team the bridge. Chris has been making this type of music for a lot of his career after all. To see Summer step into this world so soon after Over It makes it a moment for her.

It’s unclear whether this will be added on as bonus track for a deluxe effort, but either way, a collab with CB will garner her even more attention after a record-breaking release week and a strong year overall.

It’s a clear assertion – both parties want something real. They might woo you with their voices, but the fire and desire are just as present. There’s no room for games. Get your shit together. Check out the new single above.

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