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Rising Cali R&B Star, Lummani Drops “Born A Queen”

Raised in Pasadena, better known as the city of roses, Lummani always knew she was destined to shine. Her love for singing, performing and the arts were evident since her youngest days. She recognized her passions and got to work on perfecting her dreams, hustling her way into major music videos, Radio Disney concerts, and much more. 

It was the start of a path toward making her dreams come true, which lead to countless moving performances of the national anthem for the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers and Sacramento Kings.

Each successful moment has only emboldened Lummani more. With new fans gained and amazing new music on the way, including the West Coast’ bombshell’s latest single “Born A Queen,” which highlights all her growth and skills masterfully. Equipped with her knowledge and deep passion for music, Lummani is poised to embrace her status as new music royalty. 

Check out her first single “Born A Queen” below, and be on the lookout for Lummani’s debut EP titled Pretty Girl Secrets coming soon.

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