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Introducing Jukebox Culture, The Kentucky Based Media Influencer

Kentucky-based music platform Jukebox Culture has a tremendous cultural effect on the music scene right now. What started out as just a small influencer shedding light on rising artist has risen to have one of the highest followings among its list of competitors. The consistency and quality content has undoubtedly grown the platform to be reputable, but there’s more than meets the eye. “I’ve always been one to keep up with new music, so it was a natural field for me to break into,” CEO Josh Judy remarks.

With over 100K followers online, the Jukebox Culture platform is helping artists reach greater heights in a matter of days. This beats the traditional digital marketing route which can last up to weeks. Similar to the likes of Say Cheese and WSHH, Jukebox allows artists alike a shot at viral success. “We try to hold the quality of the content posted to a high standard,” Josh states. “We’re looking to become a household name in the entertainment and music industry by continuing to curate high-quality content.”

As a large media outlet, the opportunity to help others get noticed is abundant. Over the past few months, one of the most notable acts that Jukebox Culture contributed to is Luh Kel. The singer is responsible for hit records like “Y.O.U” and “Tweakin” to name a few. Moreover, Josh reminiscences on uploading a popular edit that took off almost immediately, racking up thousands of views in minutes. “I wouldn’t say we could claim full credit for breaking any artists, but we’ve definitely helped influence new fans via our content.”

Elsewhere, Jukebox Culture’s background is what really sets it apart from most. Being from a rural town in Kentucky, which over the years spawned acts like Bryson Tiller and Jack Harlow, they have a deep knowledge of underground music culture. One of Jukebox most creative content ideas for the city is its “2020 All Kentucky Team” lineup. It also features bubbling artist like 2KBABY, ZaZa, and Vory to name a few.

Without a doubt, there are endless possibilities for Jukebox Culture and its very interesting to see where they go. Josh adds an interesting fact: “Jukebox Culture was started in Cynthiana, a small town in Kentucky with zero type of music influence.” Check out the platform below.

Follow Jukebox Culture on Instagram here and keep an eye for more original content!

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Aspiring journalist and music influencer from the Carolinas. Twitter: @malc2global

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