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Gi Shares a Soulful Homage On “Selena”


Gi has all the makings of a new-age popstar. The Atlanta-born, Texas-bred songstress’s tantalizing voice sucks listeners into her celestial aura. Her latest track, “Selena,” is a Latin-infused club anthem that goes against the grain of her usual ballroom ballads. A Spanish guitar and Cuban congas lay a backdrop that she paints with mesmerizing melodies. The production value is top tier and the hook is addictive. She does this on every single track. Some people just know how to make a song that captures the listener’s soul. Gi is that kind of musician.

“Selena” Cover Art

Although Gi only has three tracks out right now, her first two have received a significant amount of attention, garnering 300k+ Spotify streams each; it’s safe to say that “Selena” will follow suit, and that Gi will soon be a name to know. Her songs are magnetic and easy to listen to. Luckily, she is preparing to drop even more because these three songs she has out now are not enough. Fans of Gi know that they have a gem on their hands. Furthermore, she is going to have a dope career to follow.

Check out the magical new talent’s latest homage, “Selena” here below!

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“I’m obsessed with giving the audience something they don’t see coming.” - Jordan Peele

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