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Artist Finao Boogz on the Release of VET , New Ventures for Community Youth – Finao Family Entertainment

They say rappers are the new rockstars. Individuals are coming out the woodworks and flocking to the rap scene more than ever before, thanks to the presence of social media and platforms such as Soundcloud and Spotify. However, there are very few individuals with the work ethic or mental fortitude to pass through the eye of the storm, take the hits and still come out on top. Finao Boogz, however, will argue that he’s one of the hardest working artists in the game that you should watch out for. Finao (Family Is Never Negligent Against Opportunity) Boogz, hails from El Barrio (East Harlem), New York. I had the pleasure of interviewing him, getting to know more of who he is and the mission he’s not stopping to complete. Here’s how it went.

EF: I have the very talented artist, rapper Finao Boogz, in the building. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with me.

FB: What’s crackin’, my boy? Big backwoods (followed by laughter). It is my pleasure.

EF: So, tell me a little bit about yourself and where you come from? You’re a mystery. People don’t know a lot about you; who you are. Do you want to pull the curtain back a little bit for the people?

FB: I’m a 22-year-old artist who hails from the East side of Harlem, New York City.  I’m originally Grenadian, with Guyanese roots.

EF: EF: What would you say pushed you into the direction of rapping as a career?

FB: Shit, I couldn’t be no regular n*gga and ain’t wanna work no 9-5.

EF: So what you’re saying is that you don’t wanna do paperwork? (laughter ensues)

FB: Hell no! (Laughter ensues) I’m cappin’. I do paperwork more than paperwork does mothaf*ckin’ paperwork! I do it. “The highest human act is to inspire,” so from the beginining, the objective was to be a courier for my people in any way possible, and what better way to do so than music. We didn’t have many real opportunities coming up, accustomed to the street life – life moving fast, it was hard to get a break, music was my getaway.

FB: I do it. I just don’t wanna work for anybody. I wanna work on my own time. I wanna start it from the ground up, have a foundation where I control it. I started rapping because basketball didn’t work out. I tore my ACL twice, unfortunately.

EF: You started rapping at ICE (Institute for Collaborative High School; we both attended there) on stage if I remember correctly.

FB: I still have that video on Instagram. It’s archived. That’s history. That was my first ever show where a few people quoted [my lyrics].

EF: From there you started performing more?

FB: Yeah, I started paying attention, networking, traveling, figuring out the ropes and relationships to the music industry on my own, essentially guiding me the Indie route. I don’t want record labels controlling my creativity and all my content.

EF: With that being said, who’s your inspiration? Do you have someone you look up to in the industry or someone that inspires creativity in you?

FB: Look at it this way. I have parents to the game and that’s it. For example, Tupac is my father (lyrically), Nipsey [Hustle] is everything spiritually. That’s about it. And then, of course, there’s the Jada’s [Jadakiss], Styles, Big L, old school 50.

As the interview progressed, we started delving into his upcoming song, titled VET. When the song is released on multiple platforms, fans will be enjoying the song heavy, as well as the vibes that it brings. But what they don’t know is how time-consuming and intense it was to come out with this project. The song itself is an accumulation of five to six months of work by the time of its release. This doesn’t include the music video accompanying the song. Boogz told me off the record that he wanted to take his time with the song and make something that will have the longevity of reaching generations of ears long after he’s done making projects and off this Earth. In the era of SoundCloud rappers and mumble rap, he’s truly dedicating himself to his craft and be the best lyricist he can be.

Finao Boogz wants to transcend Hip-Hop/Rap and dive deep into other business ventures as well. He will be opening up a headquarters for his Finao Family imprint in Manhattan at a location that will be disclosed in the relatively near future. The headquarters will be a community outreach center, not only for the inner immediate community but for the world as well. He prides his imprint on being all about the community and reaching the youth. The organization will provide cooking classes, sound engineering, and a photography studio. He wants to bring young kids in and give them outlets to express their talents. It’s a platform that will provide a medium for these adolescents to shine. The organization will run through profit and non-profit means. It will be a pipeline to success for juveniles and at-risk youths. He has already partnered with numerous organizations (such as an alternative to detention centers, Exalt Youth and Recess Organization, while also working hand-in-hand with the D.O.E. to venture out and find schools) in order to bring in more kids through the door and give them access to everything the program has to offer. He’s hoping to use his city’s expansive resources to bring hope in places where hope and roses aren’t nurtured.

“I’ve been through a lot of pain, tears, went through the trials and tribulations in my life. What a psychiatrist calls “traumatizing experiences”, I call it everyday life. It’s not normal, but it became to be my understanding of what “normal” is. I poured everything into this song, displaying raw emotion while simmering it down and pumping up the hype level up. Engaging my fans and reaching out to connect with them is something I cherish from this industry. Whether it’s the culture vultures or the fan that waits in line for hours in the rain, being given a platform to show the substance of my work is a major win-win for me. However, to that, it takes time to put a product out that will be impactful like that. It’s a huge reason why I embrace the art of scarcity. I don’t want to rush a project just for the sake of having something out there. The people think I don’t, but I indubitably wanna get everything out for my fans as soon as possible, but the right way and my character stands on that sentiment. Standing on sh*t, I built my respect and an empire!” Finao Boogz pours his heart and soul out for his art, which he clearly wants his fans to know.

The video was shot throughout parts of the Hollywood Hills Section of Los Angeles, as well as throughout New York. Reaching from his archive of past music video footage, he puts together a montage of his daily life and shows you how true VET moves and he’ll show you just that.

EF: Let’s talk about your upcoming single, VET. How long have you been cooking it up in the studio with this song?

FB: It’s been five months. When it releases, it would be six. There’s been a lot of pain, tears and my life experiences put into this song and I want to push this out to my fans as soon as possible

EF: What does this song mean to you?

FB: Just like my song, I’m a veteran! I stayed down until I came up, in terms of my music, turning it into a business, my record label movement. I’m a VET because I survived life and what it threw at me. Because of that, I’m gonna rise to fame and stay there. The song is supposed to motivate people from all professions and walks of life. Whether you work at a desk, at the hospital or attending NYU. You could be a basketball player, hockey player, etc. If you feel like you’re the best at what you do, then you’re a VET. You put in the necessary work to be the very best at your craft. You embrace the fight in whatever field you’re in. People who give up leave with nothing, weathering storms & coming out on top (with time-in time) leaves you with the hard-earned title- “VET”.

EF: Just wanted to ask this and I mean no disrespect. Did you write the song yourself?

FB: NO SHIT, L (referring to me). All my source material is written by myself.

EF: You read that. No ghostwriting. Straight from the man himself.

FB: Too much pain for that. I’ve suffered through so much. The pain in my mind spills out from my head and splashes on to the pages on my notes. It’s important for my fans to hear my pain and my story with MY words. No one else’s.

EF: Now, do you envision this song hitting the charts one day?

FB: Absolutely. Without a doubt. I see this song doing marvelous things. It’s just the beginning. A whole lot of moods in this song and imma make you feel that with the video. The video is dropping on the same day on all music media platforms. Shout out to my fans, the FINAO family.

I would like to give a special thanks for the major contributions from GQ, referred to me by a long time great friend of mine, Middle-Waah from the Dean family. I would also like to shout out RuffRyders, as well as Ice Shot. A professional photographer, an aspiring videographer and my cousin, he’s been a big help. Triple OD (FinaoFamily) is another professional photographer/raw videographer & of course Nate Da Great, the pro from Los Angeles.

His willingness to meet my vision and bring the portrait of my reality that is represented in “VET” to a few minute history Entry is phenomenal. I expect a lot from my associates and pushed them to put the silver peddle to the metal and have that golden drive. Some folks have none it’s disgusting. My team is grinding 24/7. Grinding For A Chance 2, the mixtape 2k19 & GFAC3, The Album. Shout out to my Day 1 fans, old authority figures that helped my cause along the way and new fans that came, stayed and don’t intend on leaving because I’m with ya’ll forever and after. Of course, I can’t forget about my FinaoFamily.

FinaoFamily Headquarters will be a home-felt integrated, membership-based after school program/club based on family, unity, and opportunity. It will be a place where kids can run to if they want to escape their realms of negativity. Let’s be honest; there are a myriad of reasons as to why a child needs an escape outlet. Whether it be stresses from the neighborhoods that foster them, which leads to stressful thinking and lapses of concentration at school. It can even be that their parents at home aren’t the most supportive nucleus. FinaoFamily Headquarters is a place where kids can explore themselves and their talents without being so stressed that it may sever the relationship a child may have with their parents, affect their school work or most importantly, their lives. Once a child brings in a signed permission slip to allow them into our program, they will become a part of the family. We will be asking kids every day to check in with our advisors briefly to talk about their day and what’s going on. We want to make sure kids feel comfortable and know that once they reach our center, everyone is available to sit down and listen, which is something, I think, everyone wants. We will provide an entertainment center that includes video games, movies, and a pool table. We will have another area designated for completing assignments they have received from school, as well as tutoring for anyone who needs a helping hand.    

That wraps up our interview with this star on the rise. Don’t lose sight of this young man. His rise is about to be astronomical.

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