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Emotional Oranges tackle friendship in new single

Sure, they might appear to be the best person to you. They may not always want the best for you. That can go for lovers and friends. Emotional Oranges dropped by today with a new single that will either rehash old arguments or create some new ones. It’s not always easy to grasp that “Your Best Friend is a Hater”.

What a tough conversation conveyed beautifully through song. EO’s obvious strength is appealing to our feelings in a variety of ways, with honesty as the common denominator in all stories. The music is relatable because their experiences are relatable, and illustrated vividly. This particular one may leave a bad taste in many mouths. Few conundrums cause as much difficulty as “the best friend vs. the boyfriend”.

This third offering from the upcoming The Juice: Vol. 2 surprises us with a little trap bounce, plus A and V dabbling in rapper flows. Where many tend to sound awkward in stepping outside of their musical repertoire, the duo glides with ease. Their range is unquestionable.

A especially kicks it up a notch on his verse, openly admitting to knowing what he’s capable of with the women. His moves remain pure because he’s claimed, but the problem for him is someone close suspects otherwise.

“Tryna make me the culprit/That girl throwing shade, that chick is obnoxious/Seem like she always textin’ some business that she ain’t involved in/I got a good conscious, doing my best to stay out the nonsense/Tryna be cautious, but just know I called it”.

A handles the hook too, furthering his claims and holding nothing back. “Your best friend is a hater/She thinks every guy is a player too/Know she gets pleasure tryna break us/I can’t change your mind if it’s made up too”.

V deflects the shots at her friend, retorting with questions of his trustworthiness and intent. “All of them excuses getting tiring/Why you still denying? So emotional.”

She’s digging to figure out the issue because, at the end of the day, she’s down to ride for him. “Need to know that you’re worth my time/Always on my head boy.” In reality, his pride could just be blinding him from his flaws and the best friend is an easy scapegoat.

Emotional Oranges

Emotional Oranges is currently touring throughout the United States after an overseas leg with stops in Tokyo, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, and Auckland. Their cup runneth over with this, “Don’t Be Lazy” and “Just Like You” leading the way before the project comes. The listeners are ripe and we await the hype. Ever since the free show with Rory in July.

As always, appreciation goes to the tandem for not being afraid to address the bitter topics. You make them sound so sweet. Maybe we’re all haters and it’s okay. Tap into the new juice above.

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