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Duxe Th3 God Gives West Coast Vibes in “Svgar On The Floor”

Duxe Th3 God’s latest single “Svgar On The Floor” has a smooth flow and a laid back West Coast Beat. Duxe Th3 God hails from Nebraska and first started working in the music industry in 2016. He has also performed with Cash Money artist, Caskey and the rest was history. He then began to feature and perform with other artists such as City Boi Streetz, Chief Keef, and RubyRay.

“Svgar On The Floor” is a freestyle sounding track produced by SvgarBeats with no hook. The track lets us into a day in the life of Duxe Th3 God. The lyrics, in the beginning, talk about the women he deals with. He then goes on to describe his ambitious attitude and how he deals with the people around him. Duxe Th3 God is from Nebraska but, his sound shows a lot of West Coast influence. West Coast rappers traditionally use a combination of extra-long bars mixed in with shorter bars. In “Svgar On The Floor” he uses the longer bars in his verses to tell a story and paint a picture. The shorter bars are used for emphasis and provide a memorable punchline to break up the storytelling. By creating a large amount of variety in his bars the song is catchy and fun to listen to despite having no hook.

Releasing a single with no hook is risky and demonstrates the bold attitude Duxe Th3 God has towards the music industry. Watch “Svgar On The Floor” below:

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